The Stunning Beaches of Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

If you ask anyone that has visited the island of Providenciales in beautiful Turks & Caicos what they think of the beaches, you’ll probably get an enthusiastic thumbs up. From the very well known Grace Bay Beach which is frequently included on lists of “Top Beaches”, to some of the lesser known and less visited beaches, the stunning beaches of Providenciales are sure to leave an impression on you.

Leeward Beach, copyright Rum Therapy

Unfortunately one week was just not enough time to fully explore every beach on the island (after all, we had to reserve some time to check out the impressive list of great bars & beach bars on island too!), so we will just give the lowdown on what Provo beaches we’ve gotten to see so far. Be sure to leave a comment below with any others that you’ve enjoyed.

Check out our Turks & Caicos Island Map to find the locations of these beaches.

Grace-Bay Beach - copyright Rum Therapy

Grace Bay Beach
Frequently listed as one of the Top Beaches in the world, this very long stretch of stunning white sand and turquoise blue water is a beach lover’s paradise. Many of the major resorts and accommodations in Provo are found along this stretch  of beach.

Grace-Bay Beach - copyright Rum Therapy
The Bight Beach
Although it seems just like a continuation of Grace Bay Beach, The Bight Beach is west of Grace Bay along the same stretch of sand. The Bight Beach is best known for it’s snorkeling with a good amount of lush sea grass just off the shore.

Somewhere-Beach-Bar - copyright Rum Therapy
A view of The Bight Beach from Somewhere Café & Lounge

Leeward Beach
Heading east from Grace Bay you will find another long and beautiful expanse of white sand beach called the Leeward Beach. We read that from Leeward Beach it is possible to walk 7 miles of beach passing Grace Bay and The Bight Beach and ending at Turtle Cove. We originally thought that Pelican Beach was a separate beach on the northeast side, but found it included in Leeward Beach in some maps.

Pelican-Beach-copyright Rum Therapy
Pelican Beach (part of Leeward Beach)

Pelican-Beach - copyright Rum Therapy
Sapodilla Bay
Heading down to the south part of Provo, Sapodilla Bay lies on the Caicos Banks side of the island adjacent from Chalk Sound. With blue, shallow, calm, clear water, it’s a pretty place to pull up a beach towel and enjoy a quiet afternoon in the sun.

Sapodilla-Bay - copyright Rum Therapy
Sapodilla-Bay - copyright Rum Therapy
Taylor Bay
Not far from Sapodilla Bay is another pretty, shallow bay called Taylor Bay. Taylor Bay is very shallow for yards out into the band has a long expanse of white sand that is perfect for walking. Parking is very limited next to the path that opens up to the bay.

Taylor-Bay copyright Rum Therapy
Taylor-Bay copyright Rum Therapy

Have you spent time at a beach on Provo? Tell us about it!

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