Raspberry & Rum Slushie

The kids are heading back to school and we know that we’ll soon be heading into (gasp!) fall – but while we can, we’re gonna hold on to the last weeks of lovely warm summer with a delicious, cold and fresh Raspberry & Rum Slushie. You can substitute strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, or a combination of berries to make use of fruit that’s fresh in your area.

Raspberry & Rum Slushie
(makes 1)

1 c. fresh raspberries
2 oz. white rum
2 tbsp. sugar (add more or less to suit your taste)
1/2 tbsp. lime juice
1-2 cup(s) ice

Add the raspberries, rum, sugar and lime to a blender and blend until smooth. Add 1 cup ice and blend until smooth and slushy. Add more ice, if needed, for a thicker consistency.


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