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Rum Therapy’s Top 10 Rum Recipe Posts of 2016

It’s become a Rum Therapy annual tradition to summarize the 10 Most Visited Rum Therapy Island Blog Posts of the year and then follow it up with Rum Therapy’s Top 10 Rum Recipe Posts. Kind of like the iconic Dick Clark New Years Eve Countdown, but, well, you don’t have to stay up as late!

Ironically, the top 3 most viewed drink recipes are the same as 2015! Guess everybody really likes a good Bahama Mama, Painkiller and Caribbean Rum Punch.

So now, without further adieu, we present the countdown of Rum Therapy’s Top 10 Rum Recipe Posts of 2016:

#10 Coconut Rum Punch

coconut-rum-punch-copyright Rum Therapy
A delicious combination of tropical flavors that will make you feel like your sitting with your toes in the sand. The recipe makes 4, but you can easily double or triple for a larger batch.
Coconut Rum Punch Recipe

#9 Mai Tai

mai-tai-copyright Rum Therapy
This one may have been catapulted onto our 2016 list after we posted (many) photos of the Mai Tai’s we enjoyed on our trip to Maui & Lanai. The recipe is for a traditional version of the Mai Tai, but we found that every tiki bar and restaurant that we visited added their own special twist – such as pineapple juice (it is Hawaii!), a couple drops of grenadine and, of course. a garnish of flowers.
Mai Tai Recipe

#8 Dark Mojito
dark-mojito-copyright Rum Therapy
Well, this one was a bit of a surprise. Not so much that a mojito made the list – why wouldn’t it? But that it wasn’t the Perfect Mojito! The combination of brown sugar and a good dark rum in the Dark Mojito really is a good one though… If you’re a mojito lover, you might want to check out these 10 Mojito Variations as well!
Dark Mojito Recipe

#7 Authentic Rum Punch

authentic-rum-punch-copyright Rum Therapy
A more “authentic” Caribbean recipe version of  Rum Punch which uses the rhyme: 1 of sour, 2 of sweet, 3 of strong, 4 of weak. Usually not as sweet as the juice heavy Caribbean Rum Punch Recipe (see #1), but absolutely rumlicious!
Authentic Rum Punch

#6 Dirty Banana
We first sampled this creamy rum cocktail in Jamaica years ago, yet the delicious taste is still fresh on our minds…
Dirty Banana Recipe

#5 Rum Runners

Some are frozen, some on the rocks. Some have an orange hue, some are reddish – but one things for sure – Rum Runners are delicious.
Rum Runner Recipe

#4 Bushwacker

An adult milkshake if we’ve ever had one, this potent, creamy and delicious rum cocktail is quite popular in the Virgin Islands. Don’t let the cold and creamy taste fool you into thinking it’s a milkshake though – this is one strong (but tasty!)beverage.
Bushwacker Recipe

#3 Bahama Mama

bahama-mama-copyright Rum Therapy
Oh my goodness, this one packs a punch with 3 different rums and Kahlua, but my oh my – it tastes great. Find this popular tropical cocktail recipe here:
Bahama Mama

#2 Painkiller

painkillers-copyright Rum Therapy
Given its popularity, it’s not a big surprise that the Painkiller made the Rum Therapy Top 10 list again! It’s easy to make and the taste will surely remind you of relaxing in the sun and sand on your favorite island (maybe Jost Van Dyke?)
Painkiller Recipe

And the number one most searched recipe on our site for the 2nd year in a row?

#1 – Caribbean Rum Punch!

Caribbean Rum Punch differentiates itself from an “Authentic Rum Punch” in that a variety of fresh fruit juices can be used, creating tastes that can vary immensely depending on the combination. The recipe calls for orange and pineapple juice, but why not try mango or papaya for a completely different taste?
Caribbean Rum Punch Recipe

Be sure to watch for even more rum recipes in the coming year on our site and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see videos on how to easily create some of our favorite rum drinks.

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10 Most Visited Rum Therapy Island Blog Posts of 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, we looked back to see which of our island posts were visited the most during the year. Although some we expected, some surprised us, such as our #3! In case you missed any of them, here’s the countdown.

From #10 to #1, the 10 Most Visited Rum Therapy Island Posts of 2016 are:

Miss Emily's Blue Bee Bar - copyright Rum Therapy
Located on Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos, Miss Emily is purported to be the originator of the delicious rum concoction, the Goombay Smash. Read about our visit to this interesting little bar here:

Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar, Home of the Goombay Smash

Willie T - copyright Rum Therapy
Depending on the time and day you motor or dinghy up to this iconic floating bar located at The Bight on Norman  Island in the BVI, you could encounter anything from a quiet lunch crowd to an all out party! Read more about it here:
Have You Taken the Plunge at the Willy T?

#8Map of Marigot - Rum Therapy
Are you heading to the French side of St Martin in 2017? If so, you should check out this post on things to see and do in the town of  Marigot! Shopping, great food and historical sites are just a few of the things you could encounter. Our personal favorite? A visit (or two) to Sarafina’s French Bakery. Ooh la la..
What to See and Do in Marigot, St. Martin

The health benefits of walking on the beach. Can we get a prescription for that? Find out what they are here:
Health Benefits of Walking on the Beach

#6Happy National Rum Day - copyright Rum Therapy
A just for fun post we did on National Rum Day this year that includes a short quiz about rum.
Happy National Rum Day! What’s Your Rum IQ?

One Love Bar & Grill - copyright Rum Therapy
One small, beautiful island – SO many great beach bars! Jost Van Dyke in the BVI is home to some of the best beach bars in the Caribbean! Let’s go bar-hopping!
Bar Hopping on Jost Van Dyke

#4Nurse Shark on Compass Cay - copyright Rum Therapy
I’ve never been a big fan of sharks – it’s just those teeth! But, swimming with the nurse sharks in Exuma was…cool. I’d even do it again! Read about the experience here:
Swimming with Sharks on Compass Cay

Callwood Distillery - copyright Rum Therapy
A visit to the Callwood Rum Distillery on Tortola is like taking a walk back in time. If your a rum aficionado, this is a tour you’ll probably enjoy. Find out more here:
Callwood Rum Distillery, Tortola

No surprise here – this list, compiled by suggestions from you, has been visited thousands of times since we published it! Looking for songs to put on your beach playlist? You’ll find a wide variety of songs here!
The Ultimate Rum Therapy Playlist

Crescent Beach, Compass Cay - copyroght Rum TherapyAnd our most visited blog post of the year?
Health Benefits of Spending Time In or Near the Ocean!

Here’s to spending more time in or near the ocean in 2017! Cheers!

Find more Tropical Tips here:
Tropical Tips & More

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Anitgua and Barbuda Beach Bar Trail

Well this could come in handy!

The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority has released a Beach Bar Trail Map which highlights some of the best beaches and hotels on Antigua and it’s sister island Barbuda, AND beach bars – some of them well known and some local favorites.

antigua-and-barbuda-map-600-oBeach Bar Trail Map by Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority
Click here for an expandable version

 Some of these scenic bars are also a great place to sample authentic local cuisine and experience Antiguan culture. The inclusion of the hotels on the map makes it easy to see what beaches – and beach bars are in close proximity to where you will be staying.

dennis-new-logo-600-oRum Punch at Dennis Cocktail Bar & Restaurant overlooking Ffryes Beach

How many of the beaches and bars on the map have you had a chance to visit? Tell us about it!


For more information on Antigua and other island destinations, be sure to check out our Island Blog Directory

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5 Warm and Toasty Winter Rum Drinks

Baby it’s cold outside….and it will be for a while now given the first actual day of winter (the Winter Solstice) isn’t until December 21. Here’s a few warm and toasty rum drinks sure to warm you right up. Maybe they’ll make the cold weather a little easier to take. Well, it’s worth a shot…

Rum & Pumpkin Spice Latte

Rum and Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

Hot Rum & Chocolate Coffee

Hot Rum & Chocolate Recipe

Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum Recipe

Apple Cider with Spiced Rum

Apple Cider with Spiced Rum Recipe

Gingerbread Rum Latte

Gingerbread Rum Latte Recipe

Stay warm friends!


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Christmas Traditions of Hawaii

Christmas Traditions of Hawaii
Guest post by Leilani Tao

It may be difficult to imagine Christmas without the blanket of snow on the ground and the ugly sweaters. Here in Hawaii, we celebrate nevertheless. Although we don’t build snowmen or roast chestnuts in the fireplace, we have many of the same traditions and, certainly, just as much holiday spirit!


The first Christmas in Hawaii was celebrated in 1786 when Captain George Dixon and his crew of the merchant ship Queen Charlotte were docked in Waimea Bay on Kauai. They put together a Christmas feast that included a whole roast pig, Hawaiian-style, plus some coconut-based dishes. Christmas officially arrived in Hawaii with Protestant missionaries from New England, at some time after 1820. 1858 saw Santa Claus arrive in Hawaii for the first time at Washington Place, which is now the governor’s residence, where he presented gifts to children.

Before Christmas, the native Hawaiians had a festival called Makahiki to honor the god Lono and celebrate the land’s bounty. Makahiki lasted four months, usually from mid-fall to the end of winter, and war and fighting were forbidden during this time. It was a time of peace and plenty.

Today’s Christmas Spirit
The day after Thanksgiving basically begins the Christmas holiday. Cue the Christmas music! Although a few songs don’t quite capture the Christmas we experience—like “Let It Snow!” or “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”—we have some Hawaii-themed songs. Some are original and some are oldies given a Hawaiian spin, but they’ll all throw in some Hawaiian jam to your holiday playlist.

We decorate much the same as on the mainland, stringing up lights and hanging wreaths, though we may add a bit of our own style. Christmas lights spiral up palm trees. Wreaths may have tropical flowers in the mix, like flamingo or hibiscus flowers. Poinsettias grow very well in Hawaii and are arranged among the decorative shrubs and potted plants in malls for a dash of red.


The most notable decorations go up at Honolulu Hale, Honolulu’s city hall, where Santa and Mrs. Claus take their annual seats on the fountain in front of the building. They come dressed for the occasion. With his coat front opened and pants rolled up, Shaka Santa (so named for the shaka, or “hang loose” hand sign, he displays) is cheerful and laidback.

Mrs. Claus, known to us as Tutu Mele, wears a muumuu (a Hawaiian dress), a kukui nut lei, and a hibiscus flower tucked into her bun. Various other holiday figures populate the field beside Honolulu Hale, including Rudolph, a family of snowmen, and elves.

Honolulu City Lights
Those large holiday exhibits are part of Honolulu City Lights, the annual month-long Christmas display and festival run by the nonprofit Friends of Honolulu City Lights. Their opening night features the Public Workers’ Electric Light Parade, a parade of school marching bands and city work vehicles decked out in festive lights, as well as a holiday concert and a wreath exhibit.

The centerpiece is the lighting ceremony of the 55-foot tree and the lights display along the downtown buildings aptly named the Corridor of Lights. If you’d like to support Honolulu City Lights, purchase this year’s ornaments. Be sure to check out their other free events as well.

Santa Claus Comes to Hawaii, Too
Shaka Santa isn’t the only Santa we see here. Even Santa Claus wants to make the trip from the North Pole to our island paradise. The Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort hosts Santa’s arrival by outrigger canoe, and afterward he takes pictures with other beachgoers. You’ll find Santa at most malls, as well, happy to listen to your children’s Christmas lists and pose for pictures. Understandably, he often forgoes his usual red suit for an aloha shirt and board shorts.

Christmas Trees
Of course, we also put up and decorate Christmas trees! Most Christmas trees are imported from the mainland; however, they come with the risk of infestation, which can be extremely harmful to Hawaii’s native species. Helemano Farms on Oahu grows a variety of evergreen trees, the most well-known being the Norfolk pine. Half the fun of buying a Christmas tree is picking one out, and it’s so much more memorable when you can walk down rows and rows of live trees. Shop locally, and bring home a beautiful tree that will last longer than an imported one.

Christmas Cuisine
The classic Christmas main dish is usually a ham or turkey, which holds true in Hawaii. However, we enjoy fresh seafood and a number of ‘ono local dishes too, like kalua pork, lomi lomi salmon, ahi poke, haupia, and poi. Some people even have a Christmas luau, which involves roasting a whole pig in an imu, an underground oven.

Celebrating Christmas Day in Hawaii
On the day of, people have their own observances. Many go to church for Christmas services. Others have secular customs that take them to the beach for swimming, surfing, beachside grill sessions or picnics.

Most importantly, Christmas is a time for family. Presents under the tree and the feast get everyone together for the special day, but, if you’re looking for ways to spend more time with family, you’re in luck! Lots of fun, family-friendly holiday events are happening throughout December, from ice-skating to holiday parades.


The Hawaiian transliteration of “Merry Christmas” is “Mele Kalikimaka.” Here’s to a very merry Christmas—and Mele Kalikimaka!


Leilani is a Hawaii native, blogger, and avid surfer. The ocean is her happy place and she tries to get in the water as often as possible. Having been born and raised on the Big Island, she feels very lucky to be part of a company that is so closely connected to the Island’s history and culture.

Photo #1: Shutterstock by license to Leilani Tao
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