Rum Therapy’s Top 10 Rum Recipe Posts of 2016

It’s become a Rum Therapy annual tradition to summarize the 10 Most Visited Rum Therapy Island Blog Posts of the year and then follow it up with Rum Therapy’s Top 10 Rum Recipe Posts. Kind of like the iconic Dick Clark New Years Eve Countdown, but, well, you don’t have to stay up as late!

Ironically, the top 3 most viewed drink recipes are the same as 2015! Guess everybody really likes a good Bahama Mama, Painkiller and Caribbean Rum Punch.

So now, without further adieu, we present the countdown of Rum Therapy’s Top 10 Rum Recipe Posts of 2016:

#10 Coconut Rum Punch

coconut-rum-punch-copyright Rum Therapy
A delicious combination of tropical flavors that will make you feel like your sitting with your toes in the sand. The recipe makes 4, but you can easily double or triple for a larger batch.
Coconut Rum Punch Recipe

#9 Mai Tai

mai-tai-copyright Rum Therapy
This one may have been catapulted onto our 2016 list after we posted (many) photos of the Mai Tai’s we enjoyed on our trip to Maui & Lanai. The recipe is for a traditional version of the Mai Tai, but we found that every tiki bar and restaurant that we visited added their own special twist – such as pineapple juice (it is Hawaii!), a couple drops of grenadine and, of course. a garnish of flowers.
Mai Tai Recipe

#8 Dark Mojito
dark-mojito-copyright Rum Therapy
Well, this one was a bit of a surprise. Not so much that a mojito made the list – why wouldn’t it? But that it wasn’t the Perfect Mojito! The combination of brown sugar and a good dark rum in the Dark Mojito really is a good one though… If you’re a mojito lover, you might want to check out these 10 Mojito Variations as well!
Dark Mojito Recipe

#7 Authentic Rum Punch

authentic-rum-punch-copyright Rum Therapy
A more “authentic” Caribbean recipe version of  Rum Punch which uses the rhyme: 1 of sour, 2 of sweet, 3 of strong, 4 of weak. Usually not as sweet as the juice heavy Caribbean Rum Punch Recipe (see #1), but absolutely rumlicious!
Authentic Rum Punch

#6 Dirty Banana
We first sampled this creamy rum cocktail in Jamaica years ago, yet the delicious taste is still fresh on our minds…
Dirty Banana Recipe

#5 Rum Runners

Some are frozen, some on the rocks. Some have an orange hue, some are reddish – but one things for sure – Rum Runners are delicious.
Rum Runner Recipe

#4 Bushwacker

An adult milkshake if we’ve ever had one, this potent, creamy and delicious rum cocktail is quite popular in the Virgin Islands. Don’t let the cold and creamy taste fool you into thinking it’s a milkshake though – this is one strong (but tasty!)beverage.
Bushwacker Recipe

#3 Bahama Mama

bahama-mama-copyright Rum Therapy
Oh my goodness, this one packs a punch with 3 different rums and Kahlua, but my oh my – it tastes great. Find this popular tropical cocktail recipe here:
Bahama Mama

#2 Painkiller

painkillers-copyright Rum Therapy
Given its popularity, it’s not a big surprise that the Painkiller made the Rum Therapy Top 10 list again! It’s easy to make and the taste will surely remind you of relaxing in the sun and sand on your favorite island (maybe Jost Van Dyke?)
Painkiller Recipe

And the number one most searched recipe on our site for the 2nd year in a row?

#1 – Caribbean Rum Punch!

Caribbean Rum Punch differentiates itself from an “Authentic Rum Punch” in that a variety of fresh fruit juices can be used, creating tastes that can vary immensely depending on the combination. The recipe calls for orange and pineapple juice, but why not try mango or papaya for a completely different taste?
Caribbean Rum Punch Recipe

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