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The Siesta Key Drum Circle

The drum circle crowd begins to gather late in the afternoon every Sunday on Siesta Key. The day we joined them, there were not only drummers, but other percussionists, dancers, hula-hoopers, rope walkers, sun-lovers and spectators all assembled to welcome the sunset.

Siesta Key Drum Circle - copyright Rum Therapy
The beach had been super crowded that day and we were hungry, so decided to give up our parking spot to head back to town for dinner. Surely, we thought, there would be lots of parking in the public beach lot after the Sunday beach-goers left for the day? Well, we were wrong. This is a popular event!

We did finally find a parking spot after stalking some people who had packed up for the day and were walking back to their car.  Siesta Key is a large, beautiful beach and we originally worried that we wouldn’t find the drum circle, which takes place every Sunday night until sunset – but our worries were unfounded.

Siesta Key Drum Circle - copyright Rum Therapy
We just followed the pulsating sound of drums and the steady stream of people – many carrying their own drums and rhythm instruments to the beach.

Siesta Key Drum Circle - copyright Rum Therapy
Initially we just walked around, taking in the steady rhythm and watching people dance, play and socialize to the beat.

Siesta Key Drum Circle - copyright Rum Therapy
Siesta Key Drum Circle - copyright Rum Therapy
But as the sunset got closer, we found ourselves relaxing in the sugar-soft sand – our eyes affixed at the ever growing colors of the sunset.

Strange? Hmmm, maybe a bit. There were a lot of colorful characters enjoying the event, but after a while you begin to feel a part of it and may even find yourself get up, let go and dance like no one’s watching or add to the music with your own rhythm instrument.

Siesta Key Drum Circle - copyright Rum Therapy
Enjoyable? Yes, and well worth the effort to find parking. Relaxing? Absolutely. Watching the sun set to the beat of the Siesta Key Drum Circle was just perfect. This event, which initially began as a local, non-sponsored event, has taken on a life of its own and is well worth witnessing. It was a beautiful end to a beautiful weekend on Siesta Key.

Have you been to the Siesta Key Drum Circle? Tell us about it!

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Discovering Lanai, Hawaii

At 140 sq. miles, Lanai (nicknamed the Pineapple Island) is Hawaii’s smallest inhabited island and an excellent place to vacation if you enjoy Hawaii – minus the crowds. Home to only about 3,200 people, Lanai has about 30 miles of roads (most not paved), only one town (Lanai City) and no stop lights!

What is there to do on this beautiful and quiet island? Here are a few suggestions to help you discover Lanai.

Hulopoe Beach, Lanai
Hulopoe Beach.
Located on the south side, close to the Four Seasons Lanai, Hulopoe Beach is a long crescent of golden sand. The snorkeling here is great and there are tide pools to explore on the far south end of the beach.

Hulopoe Beach, Lanai
If you’re lucky, you may spot a pod of spinner dolphins playing in the bay. There are picnic tables, barbecue grills, showers and restroom facilities here as well.

Hike to Puu Pehe (Sweetheart Rock).
Puu Pehe, or Sweetheart Rock, is located south of Hulopoe Beach and the trail can be accessed from the parking area or beach. Definitely worth the walk for the view; the story of Puu Pehe is equally as legendary. Read about the legend here. The water is so clear around the cliffs that you can spot brightly colored tropical fish from a distance. If you can get there early enough, it is said that the view is even more spectacular at sunrise!

MeneleGolf Course, Lanai
Play golf.
If you enjoy a really good game of golf, you should be sure to bring your clubs to Lanai (or arrange for a rental in the Golf Shop). The Manele Golf Course (part of the Four Seasons Lanai) is a spectacular 18 hole golf course built on lava outcroppings high above Hulopoe Bay.

The views of the ocean from many of the holes will surely challenge your concentration, but losing a few balls may be worth it in this case. We were told that during whale season, you can spot whales breaching and playing in the waters below as you play.

If you find yourself in Lanai City, be sure to check out the Cavendish Golf Course. A pretty 9 hole course tucked between tall Norfolk pines, Cavendish was originally built for plantation workers on the island. Today it’s a free public course that anyone can play. Yes, free.

UTV Tour on Lanai
Take a scenic tour in a Razor UTV.
Arranged through the Four Seasons, tours through the old pineapple plantation and the hills surrounding in a 4 person UTV can be a thrilling way to explore the island. Stop at scenic overlooks of surrounding islands and pineapple fields and hold on as they get the vehicle up to 70 mph on the final stretch!

Four Seasons Lanai
Treat yourself to a few nights of absolute luxury at the Four Seasons Lanai.
Although you can easily take the ferry from Maui to Lanai to explore for the day, you might consider treating yourself to several nights of luxury in this uber luxurious hotel. The recently redone rooms are over-the-top beautiful with a sophisticated style, 75 inch televisions that greet you by name, beautifully appointed bathrooms (don’t get me started on the, um, toilets with lids that automatically rise as you enter…) and room keys that are waterproof and worn on your wrist for convenience. The grounds are tropically luscious and meticulously maintained.

Four Seasons Lanai

In addition to the incredible room amenities, you can choose from 5 top notch restaurants, including NOBU Lanai. Perfection comes with a price, but what an experience!

Although we didn’t get to experience all that Lanai has to offer during our short visit, here are a few things left on our list during our next visit to the Pineapple Island:
Polihua Beach and Shipwreck Beach on the northern coast
Garden of the Gods
Hiking the Munro Trail
Lanai Culture and Heritage Center

Have you discovered Lanai? Tell us about it!

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