About Rum Therapy

Soggy-pic2-for-ABOUT-OThink sand, sun, palm trees and hammocks. Think sailing though the beautiful turquoise, crystal clear water of the Caribbean. Think of hearing nothing but the ocean waves gently lapping the shore as you enjoy the warm tropical breeze….

Begun in 2010 as a hobby for tropical enthusiasts, authors and photographers Pamela and John, who had just returned from a particularly relaxing sailing trip in the BVI (which just happened to include a couple of piña coladas and a rum punch or two), Rum Therapy has grown into an excellent resource for those longing to experience the sand, sun and perhaps relax with a tasty rum concoction in the tropics.

From beaches, bars, things to do and places to stay, Rum Therapy highlights destinations through actual travel, photos and experiences in the tropics – mainly the Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii – so far!

Are you a tropical vacation veteran looking to find new things to see and experience on the islands? Are you planning your first tropical trip and don’t know where to go? Or do you just need a little mental tropication (relaxing tropical vacation or escape) during the cold winter? Follow along as we highlight some of the prettiest beaches, best beach bars, great places to stay and things not to be missed in the islands so that you can find the perfect spot to enjoy a little Rum Therapy of your own…

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