Xero Shoes – Better Than Barefoot and Perfect For Travel

Do you struggle with the type and amount of footwear to bring on your tropical vacation? We sure do. We’d rather be barefoot all the time, but out of necessity (a gash from a sharp piece of coral or a burn on the foot can put a damper on your vacation fun!) we usually end up bringing flip-flops to wear on hot sand and surfaces, some kind of water shoes to wear during water sports and boating and sturdier shoes to wear while hiking. Shoes and flip-flops end up filling valuable space in the limited amount of luggage we try to take.

Imagine our interest in learning more about Xero Shoes, a company from Broomfield, Colorado that creates Lightweight Performance Recreation Sandals – ultralight sandals originally created for barefoot running.

The weight and packability of the sandal is what first peaked our interest, but after testing them out, we’ve found so much more to like about this ultra comfortable footwear.

Xero Shoes
John ordered the Amuri Z-Trek Sport Sandal in Coal Black/Castle Rock and I selected the Amuri Cloud – Women’s Barefoot Sandal in the beautiful Aquarius color.

Xero Shoes

We received our shoes quickly – just a few days after placing our order and both pairs fit perfectly, probably due to their measuring system which takes the guesswork out of ordering your size, especially if you wear a half size.

We’ve been wearing our Xero Shoes for a couple of weeks now and have tried them out on the beach,

Xero Shoes - copyright Rum Therapy
gone hiking in them, and tested them out on hot surfaces. They’ve been so comfortable that I even forget I’m wearing them and coming from someone who goes barefoot whenever humanly possible, that says a lot!

Xero Shoes - copyright Rum Therapy

Xero Shoes also offers beads and pendants to decorate and personalize your sandals. I’ve got my eyes on the dolphin pendant and some of the brass crow shoe beads – I think they’ll look amazing with the beautiful blue color of my sandals.

Xero Shoes - copyright Rum Therapy
Other situations we have yet to test but think our Xero Shoes will be perfect for:

Sailing. The tread on the Xero Shoes, the ability to tighten the straps and the lightness of the sandal would be perfect for navigating a sea-misted deck.

Stand Up Paddleboarding and other water sports. Again, the tread and lightness of the sandal would increase stability and provide protection for the foot without added weight during all kinds of water activities.

Xero Shoes
Guess what will not be taking up tons of space in our luggage during our next tropical adventure. 4 or 5 different pairs of shoes.

Xero shoes - copyright Rum Therapy

Guess what will be taking up very little space.
Our new Xero Shoes Sandals.
Better than Barefoot and Perfect For Travel.

To find out more about Xero Shoes, the story behind their ultralight sandals and to find a pair that’s perfect for you, visit their website (and be sure to read about owners Steven and Lena’s presentation on Shark Tank!)

Xero Shoes Website

And keep up to date with their new products and news via their social media sites:

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