Leinster Bay / Waterlemon Cay

Some of the best snorkeling in St. John is said to be around Waterlemon Cay. From Leinster Bay you can swim to Waterlemon. Getting there: Park in the parking lot by Annaberg Sugar Mill and take the Leinster Bay Trail which follows the shoreline a little less than a mile. Beach: Leinster is a mixture of rocky areas with a few nice sandy places. It is a shallow (sometimes rocky) access, but then drops off quickly. Waterlemon Cay lies just offshore the Leinster Bay or Waterlemon Beach at the end of the Leinster Trail. Swim over to Waterlemon Cay for some of the best snorkeling on St. John, but be careful of potential strong currents. Amenities: Pit toilets close to the parking lot. Go for: snorkeling, hiking, getting away from the crowds.