Water Slide through a Shark Tank at Atlantis

Our last adventure in Nassau included a two day stay on Paradise Island and since the hotel we were staying at (Comfort Suites Paradise Island) was located next to Atlantis Resort and included a day pass to the Atlantis amenities, we decided to make use of it and explore the humongous property.

Although much larger and busier than properties we usually opt to hang around, we’re up to checking out just about anything new and enjoyed exploring  all of the amenities this resort has to offer.

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While walking through the grounds, we noticed a large shark tank and made our way over to check it out.

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There were numerous sharks of different species swimming around, many coming close to the glass, causing shouts of glee from the wee ones gathered around.

We saw a large tube in the middle with people on inflatable tubes floating through.

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Cool, we thought and decided to give it a try.

There are two different slides that shoot through the shark tank. One is called the Leap of Faith and consists of a pretty substantial vertical drop into a tube. We opted for the more leisurely “Serpent Slide” in which you board a single or double inner tube and after a short drop in the dark, the tube opens up to a view of the sharks surrounding you – several of them just lounging around on the top to the tube!

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As cool as Swimming with the Sharks on Compass Cay? Nothing ever beats observing sea life in a more natural habitat, but the shark slide at Atlantis was pretty interesting to say the least.

Have you gone on the Leap of Faith or the Serpent Slide through the shark tank at Atlantis? Tell us about it!

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Sunday Serenity: Under the Shade of a Palm Tree

Recently as we walked along Cove Beach in the Atlantis Paradise Beach Resort, we spotted a couple who found a quiet place under the shade of a lone palm tree on the beach. Despite the throngs of people (it was spring break) enjoying the sand, Bahama blue water and sunshine around them, this couple seemed to have found a perfectly serene spot, an island escape – their own little piece of paradise for the day.

I imagine after getting home from vacation that they still take mental escapes to this very same spot under the shade of a palm tree when life gets a little too crazy…

Where is your piece of paradise – where does your mind wander when you need a mental escape ? Let us know!

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