Gage Sunglasses – Sunnies for Beach Bums

We received two pairs of good lookin’ shades just the other day from Joe, the owner of Gage Sunglasses – a company that makes sunglasses for beach bums by beach bums. Hello! We were definitely interested in trying them out.

Gage Sunglasses

Joe is a one-man show when it comes to Gage Sunglasses and operates out of his home office on Long Island in NY. Joe says that Long Island has some of the nicest beaches in the country, and he’s been a beach bum for essentially his entire life.

Gage SunglassesJoe and his fiancée

The idea for Gage Sunglasses came about when Joe, who has an entrepreneurial spirit and had a dream of one day building his own brand, remembered how many times he’d either lost or broken expensive “designer” pairs of sunglasses…usually casualties of the ocean or accidentally sitting on them. He disliked “gas station” sunglasses, and had trouble finding fun, affordable shades, so that’s where the idea of Gage Sunglasses – sunnies for beach bums was born!

Gage Sunglasses
So what do we think of our new Gage shades?

Right away we noticed how incredibly light they were. Almost forg0t they were on and that translates to super comfortable.

Gage Sunglasses
Frames. Flexible, so you can bend them a little to fit your face. Cool!

Lenses. Impact resistant so when we inevitably drop them they shouldn’t shatter or break AND UV400 for protection from the rays.

Gage Sunglasses
The look. We love the beachy colors and relaxed styling.

Gage Sunglasses
The price. Great! At 25 bucks, we can afford to get a couple of pairs and not feel so bad if a pair flies off while sailing or parasailing (yes, that has happened…).

Gage Sunglasses
Check out the Gage Sunglasses Facebook page and Instagram feed for more beach bum inspiration and if you’d like to pick up a pair of sunnies for yourself, you can find the styles and colors available on their website.

Gage Sunglasses
Thanks Joe! We’ll be doing some additional testing soon when we practice our beach bum skills (in our Gage sunnies!) on the beaches of Hawaii!

(photos courtesy of Gage Sunglasses)

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Health Benefits of Walking On The Beach

As a follow up to our article,Health Benefits of Spending Time In Or Near the Ocean“, we thought we’d also highlight some of the health benefits of walking on the beach.

To us, walking on a gorgeous beach while on vacation is not work – it’s something we really look forward to and “gasp”, it may actually be beneficial to our health! How?

The Health Benefits of Walking On the Beach - copyright Rum Therapy
1. Sand is a natural exfoliant
Sand is rather coarse (yes, even sugar-soft sand!) and when walking on the beach, especially in moist sand, you are naturally exfoliating some of the skin on your feet. Be sure to follow up your walk with a nice coating of moisturizer to maximize the effect!

2. Walking barefoot on the beach can be “grounding”
There is an emerging science that claims walking barefoot on our electron-enriched earth (especially when humid or wet), will increase an individuals balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and possibly decrease inflammation. (see more on Grounding here)

3. It’s good exercise for your calves and feet
Because sand is soft and you sink into it as you walk, you’ll be using more of the muscles in your calves and feet, giving them a better workout than walking on a hard surface.

4. It’s relaxing and peaceful
The sound of the waves lapping the shore, seagulls calling, the sunshine gently caressing your face, ahhh… Many people report that they find walking on the beach to be quite relaxing, restorative and good for the ol’ blood pressure.

The Health Benefits of Walking On the Beach - copyright Rum Therapy

5. It burns more calories
A good walk on the beach can burn up to 50% more calories than walking on a hard surface, which can help with the fitness goals, especially if you like to enjoy a tropical beverage or two. One Pina Colada can contain a whopping 600+ calories so be sure to leave a bunch of footprints in the sand to keep rockin’ that beach bod!

Do you know of other health benefits of walking on the beach? Tell us about them!

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10 Great Gift Ideas for the Beach Lovers on Your List!

Do you have friends or family on your holiday shopping list that love the beach, the laid-back style of island life, and maybe enjoy an umbrella drink or two?  The best gift for this type of person would probably be an all expenses paid trip to a beautiful tropical island, but if they haven’t been THAT good, or if you that’s just a wee bit out of your price range, we’ve assembled a list of gifts that could be the next best thing! Check out the list below for gifts that are sure to bring a smile to their sun luvin’ faces!

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Sandy-Toes-and-Salty-Kisses - Rum Therapy
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Anchor-Necklace - Rum Therapy
Men’s Anchor Necklace – our adjustable Men’s Anchor Necklace will look good on all the salty sailors on  your list!
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Beach-Babe Bangle Bracelet - Rum Therapy
Bracelets – beachy bangle bracelets and beautiful leather bracelets for the ladies!
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Skull-Bracelet - Rum Therapy
Wristbands – great adjustable leather wristbands for the guys, including the popular Skull and Bones – Arrr Matey!
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Beach Wine Glass Charms - Rum Therapy

Wine Glass or Stemware Beach Charms – great for wine glasses or other stemware, these pretty charms come in two different styles: On the Beach, or In the Sea!
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Shot Glasses & Shooters – perfect for mixing up any of the delicious Rum Recipes found on our website!
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Happy Shopping & Happy Holidays!

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Beach Break – Bathed in Blue on Treasure Cay

Are you one of the millions of people that find the color blue calming and relaxing? It’s actually one of the Health Benefits of Spending Time in or Near the Ocean. To us, the light blue colors of the sea are so visually relaxing that when we need to take a short mental break on a hectic day, we find ourselves imagining time spent on a beautifully blue hued beach. This alluring beach on Abaco Island seems to find its way into our heads quite frequently… Need  a mental beach break too? Get yourself some more daydream material here: Treasure Cay, Abaco

copyright Rum Therapy
 Do you ever find your mind wandering to thoughts of a beautiful beach? Where?

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Sunday Serenity: Some Sun and Sand on St. Thomas

We spend a relatively small amount of time actually staying on St. Thomas. It always seems to be the gateway to another island getaway, but when we have the chance to explore and enjoy what St. Thomas has to offer, we usually find ourselves here.  I’d have to say it’s our favorite place to enjoy some sun and sand in St. Thomas.

copyright Rum Therapy
It’s a relatively quiet stretch of beautiful sand on the east side of the island. It can get busy on weekends with lots of locals picnicking and enjoying some family time, but if you time it right, you’ll be treated to this…

copyright Rum Therapy
And this..

copyright Rum Therapy.
Do you know which beach we’re talking about? What’s your favorite place for a little sun and sand on St. Thomas?

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See if you can find this beach on our St. Thomas Map

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Treasure Cay Beach, Abaco

Frequently listed as one of the top 10 beautiful beaches in the world, Treasure Cay easily places in our top beach list as well. After looking at the following pictures, I think you’ll see why.

copyright Rum Therapy
The gated community of Treasure Cay is actually not a “cay” at all. It is a long peninsula connected to the Abaco mainland making the area easily accesible by car or boat. Besides many amenities such as restaurants, shops, a golf course and marina, the area is flanked by a spectacular 3 1/2 mile white sand beach.

copyright Rum Therapy
Treasure Cay as seen from above

We rented a car and made the 30 minute drive to Treasure Cay while staying in Marsh Harbour. We loved the beach so much that we ended up driving to Treasure Cay again several days later to experience more of this beautiful beach.

copyright Rum Therapy
Our first glimpse of Treasure Cay.

copyright Rum Therapy
From a long sandbar on the east side of the beach at low tide,

copyright Rum Therapy
To a brightly colored pier on the west end of the beach,

copyright Rum Therapy
copyright Rum Therapy
The entire expanse is a feast for the eyes.

The colors change depending on the day and even the time of day, but one thing is for sure.

copyright Rum Therapy
copyright Rum Therapy
Treasure Cay Beach is a treasure worth finding.

Have you been to Treasure Cay? Tell us about it!

Find Treasure Cay on our Bahamas Map

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Coco Beach Bar & Grill, Treasure Cay

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Friends Foto’s – Sunset in the Tropics

We knew we’d get to see some great photo’s with this weeks theme and we weren’t disappointed. After looking at these photo’s from our tropic loving FB friends, you might just be ready to book your next tropical vacation!

Thanks to all who submitted pictures for our 4 Friend’s Foto’s posts. We wish we could have posted them all, but certainly enjoyed looking at every one of them. In case you missed the other themes, they were:

Great Meal in a Tropical Location
Tropical Selfies
A Drink in the Tropics

Now, sit back and enjoy some wonderful photos of Sunsets in the Tropics!


Sunset over Cruz Bay, St. John by Noelle Campbell

photo: Noelle Campbell
I took a quick trip to St John in May 2013 and didn’t have a good sunset until my last night there. I came back to Cruz Bay from Cinnamon Bay at the perfect time to catch this amazing sunset. The beach to my left was full of people, as were the bars that line the beach. I love how people stop what they’re doing to watch the sunset in the islands.


Philipsburg, St. Maarten Sunset by Jerrod and Tracy Reed

photo: Jerrod and Tracy Reed
Watching the sunset over Philipsburg, St. Maarten.
This was from our trip last February. Love going to the friendly island!

Jason Williams

Sunset in Cane Garden Bay by Jason Wilson

photo: Jason Wilson
Here is one of my sunset pics from Cane Garden Bay in November 2011. My fiancee and I stayed there at Agape Cottages for a few days before we headed over to Jost for our wedding! Ivan was the “flower girl” and an official witness to the wedding. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting for the ceremony.


Sunset in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic by Karen Schneider

photo: Karen Schneider
This was taken in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic…The best vacation ever! Going back this year!


Key West Sunset by Tod Olczak

photo: Tod Olczak
My wife and I decided not to fight the crowds at Mallory Square for our first Key West sunset, so we opted for a sunset cruise.  It was a great way to watch the show without having to fight the crowds.


Sunset in St. Lucia by Michelle Remice

photo: Michelle Remice
Reduit beach from Bay Gardens Bar in St Lucia


Treasure Beach Sunset in Jamaica by Lynn Mohamad

photo: Lynn Mohamad
The photo is of the landmark Buttonwood Tree overlooking Frenchman’s Bay in Treasure Beach.


Cruz Bay Sunset by Anne Olsen

photo: Anne Olsen
I went to St John with friends this past April for the first time. This was the sunset as we were having dinner at the Waterfront Bistro. It is so beautiful there. We had the most amazing time!


Roatan Sunset by Natalie Trimm

photo: Natalie Trimm
West Bay Beach, Roatan 2014
Tourists taking in one of may of Roatan’s amaaaaaaazing sunsets. 


Bradenton Beach, Florida Sunset and Storm by Catherine Hackert

photo: Catherine Hackert
Sunset and storm at Bradenton Beach, Florida

Thanks again to ALL who submitted photos!

Pamela and John

Rum Therapy

Friends Foto’s – A Drink in the Tropics

This weeks Friends Foto submissions left us thirsty and longing for time on a beautiful beach. It’s been so much fun seeing the tropics through your eyes. Thank you all for sharing your great pics.

Not only did we have the usual trouble of choosing which pictures to post (if we add too many, you wouldn’t be able to open the post!), but we also had a heck of a time picking the one to use for the cover. In the end we chose the one we did, not only ’cause it’s a great picture, but we kinda liked the explanation too :)


Rum Drinks – Treasure Cay, Abaco by Cari Rioux

photo: Cari Rioux
My name is Cari Rioux and I took this picture when we arrived to our destination in Treasure Cay, Abaco.  We had a Goombay Punch, Pina Colada and a Bahama Mama!  The first of many different Rum Therapy’s on many different Cay’s.


The next two photos are from Carol Rocco who sent in 6 stunning photos of Drinks in the Tropics. When I asked about them, she said, “a year of living in the Caribbean makes for 10,000 awesome pics”. She and her husband had just returned from living on St. John for a year. You can check out their fun blog on their year in the Caribbean here:

We picked two of Carol’s photos for this theme, although if we had room, we would have added them all!


Stoli & Grapefruit in Dominica by Carol Rocco

photo: Carol Rocco
Stoli/Grapefruit – Made with fresh grapefruit picked right off the tree in Dominica!


Cruzan by an infinity pool by Carol Rocco

photo: Carol Rocco
Cruzan infinity pool view on St John

Tony Dupuy

Rum Punch served in coconuts in Grand Bahama by Tony Dupuy

photo: Toni Dupuy
I took this pic at Paradise Cove, Grand Bahama. We had rum punch served right in the coconuts and drank them at this quaint little beach shack in the Bahamas! Elvis cut the coconuts fresh while we watched and mixed the rum punch himself.


The next two photos are from Carol Lassiter who also sent in a number of great shots. We especially like the first one, ’cause that’s the same look we have when we get a taste of our first rum drink on vacation!


Drinks at High Tide, St. John by Colleen Lassiter

photo: Colleen Lassiter


Drinks in St. John by Colleen Lassiter

photo: Colleen Lassiter


Lot 12 koozie on the beach in Cozumel, Mexico by Michelle Tarbush

photo: Michelle Tarbush
Location: Cozumel Mexico
Why it’s special:  We are from Dallas and a part of a group called “Lot 12”. Who get together for big Country/Tropical concerts (Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown, etc) and tailgate. We missed the biggest concert of our time yesterday for George Strait’s Cowboy Rides Away concert with many artists. We ended up taking our Lot 12 koozie with us to the beach to take a picture and remind our Lot 12 Family we were thinking of them.


Painkillers at The Beach Bar, St. John by Kristi Landis

photo: Kristi Landis
Painkillers (happy hour) at The Beach Bar on St. John


Rum Punch in Cruz Bay, St. John by Lynn Mohamad

photo: Lynn Mohamad
This Rum Punch photo was taken in Cruz Bay, St. John.
Sitting and relaxing in one of the beach bars on the waterfront in Cruz Bay is always a special experience: great views, delicious tropical drinks, waves lapping on the beach a few feet away and beautiful sunsets.

Beer in Nassau at Christmas by Joe O’Sullivan

photo: Joe O’Sullivan
It isn’t a great rum drink (the Goombay Smashes came later that week) but it was a great beer in Nassau at Christmas time.


Great Mudslide at Iggies at Bolongo Bay, St. Thomas by Mark and Terry Webb

photo: Mark and Terry Webb
My family and I travel to the US and BVI as often as possible from 1 to 3 trips a yr.  We have a ritual of stopping as soon as we get the car rental to stop at a different location for a welcome to the Islands beverage. It is so much fun!!! We love the Islands!!  And the mudslides!!!

Thanks again for ALL submissions!

Watch for the last Friends Foto Theme to be announced this coming Sunday!

Le Sand, Baie Nettle, St. Martin

We set out to write about a pretty stretch of sand we spotted while exploring St. Martin between Baie Rouge and Marigot, but ended up focusing on a new (at the time of our visit) beach bar/restaurant on Baie Nettle, or Nettle Bay, called Le Sand.

copyright Rum Therapy

Le Sand Beach, Bar and Restaurant, St. Martin

We parked in the parking lot behind Le Sand and walked between Le Sand and Dreams Beach to get a look at Baie Nettle. The beach was nearly empty and gorgeous! Once we feasted our eyes on the white sand, blue water, view of Marigot and very inviting seating, we ended up staying a while…

copyright Rum Therapy

A variety of beach lounges are available for patrons of Le Sand

Turns out, Le Sand had just recently opened and apparently the word had not gotten out yet. We didn’t mind –  we had the beach almost completely to ourselves and enjoyed a few beverages while lounging in the sun and chatting with the friendly staff.

copyright Rum Therapy

Beautiful Baie Nettle as seen from Le Sand

copyright Rum Therapy

Marigot in the distance

We decided not to stay for dinner as we were heading back to Dawn Beach that evening and were still engorged satisfied from yet another visit earlier that morning to Sarafina’s in Marigot.

That, apparently was our loss because since our visit, both Le Sand and and it’s next door neighbor,  Dreams Beach, have become highly recommended for their gourmet French cuisine – some say even rivaling some of their competition in Grand Case. Wow – that’s some stiff competition!

copyright Rum Therapy

Dining area at Le Sand overlooking beautiful Baie Nettle

Have you been to Le Sand yet? If so, let us know what you thought!

Find Le Sand and Baie Nettle on our St. Maarten/St. Martin Map


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What to See and Do in Sandy Ground, Anguilla

Sandy Ground Village and Beach, located on bustling Road Bay on the beautiful island of Anguilla, offers visitors a myriad of opportunities to dine, drink, enjoy live music and enjoy the beautiful beach.

copyright Rum Therapy
Although Road Bay is Anguilla’s main port for ships, don’t let that scare you off. Sandy Ground Village and Beach, fringed by Road Bay, contains a long expanse of sugar soft sand and turquoise water and some of the best nightlife on the island.

copyright Rum Therapy
The last time we spent the day in Sandy Ground, we started at one end and walked to the other, enjoying many of the sights and sounds along the way. I’m sure there are a lot of other places to discover in this pretty area, but this should give you an idea of a few things you might want to explore.

copyright Rum Therapy
See our full Anguilla Map

We began our day at Elvis’ Beach Bar at the north end of Sandy Ground Beach.

copyright Rum Therapy
We’d sampled some of Elvis’ stellar rum punch in a previous visit and looked forward to ordering more, but unfortunately they were not open yet, so instead we took the opportunity to lounge on the chairs in front of the bar, checking out the boats and the incredibly blue water. Read more about our visit to Elvis’ here.

copyright Rum Therapy
From there, we wandered south down the beach and took a quick jog to the left, across the road to check out The Pumphouse. The Pumphouse gets pumping after dark and is a great place for live music, food  and fun nightlife. 

copyright Rum Therapy
We headed back to the beach and ended up at Johnno’s. Johnno’s is known for it’s great live jazz and in a previous visit, we spent a great afternoon with our toes in the sand, drinking rum and coke and listening to jazz. Perfect afternoon..

copyright Rum Therapy Moving on down the beach we pass the Visitor’s Pier. There are some large ships that anchor in the the deep water at the edge of the bay, boat visitors in and drop them off at the pier. This area hasn’t been all that busy when we were there, but I’m sure it can be.

copyright Rum Therapy
Shortly past the Visitors Pier sits the Sandbar. The Sandbar has a beautiful setting right on the beach and after 5:00p.m serves up excellent appetizers and drinks.

copyright Rum Therapy
Onward to Roy’s Bayside Grill. The last stop before the commercial pier, we decided to order a beverage and enjoy the sugar soft sand of the beautiful beach.

copyright Rum Therapy
We had gotten pretty warm walking in the beautiful sunshine and thought we’d order a Bushwacker.  It was delicious and we enjoyed it while sitting under a thatched umbrella on the beach in front of Roy’s.

copyright Rum Therapy
We fought the temptation to order another, knowing we had a lot more beach to explore and continued south from Roy’s. Now, it looks as if the beach ends at the commercial pier, but, at the time of this writing, we were able to go under the pier and continue on to a very quiet and beautiful stretch of beach past the pier.

copyright Rum Therapy
Just past the pier is a large boat that has been beached. The color contrast of the boat against the water was stunning…

copyright Rum Therapy
A little further and we came across some adorable Anguillan children playing in their “backyard”. Lucky kids…

From there it was beach time.


The end of the beach was marked by a large ship that found itself on the rocks during a hurricane in 1995.

Thirsty, we headed back for a refreshing cocktail and some live music.

Are you ready to spend a day in Sandy Ground, Anguilla?

For up to date information on all things Anguilla, be sure to check out our friend Nori’s website who lives on island. Can’t say we’re not just a little jealous….


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