10 Great Bars You May Not Have Heard of in the BVI

The British Virgin Islands are a sailors paradise and well, face it, sailors are a thirsty bunch. The main islands in the BVI chain are dotted with great bars, some that have become incredibly well known, such as the Soggy Dollar Bar, Bomba Shack, Foxy’s and Willie T’s, but there are dozens of bars that are perhaps not on everyone’s radar, but definitely worth a visit. We don’t know about you, but we’ve made it our mission to check out as many bars in the BVI as possible and here are 10 great bars you may not have heard of in the BVI, but are probably worth putting on your “list”!

Cooper Island Rum Bar, Cooper Island

With over 100 rums to choose from, the Cooper Island Rum Bar boasts the largest selection of rum in the Virgin Island. Order a sampler board and enjoy the variety while learning the origin and history of each rum.

Hog Heaven, Virgin Gorda
Far from one of the beautiful Virgin Gorda beaches, but with a view that will take your breath away, Hog Heaven sits high on a hill over looking the magnificent North Sound. The BBQ is terrific and you should wash it down with a Blondie Special (named after the owner) or a tasty Rum Punch.

CocoMaya, Virgin Gorda
CocoMaya, a newer restaurant/bar on Virgin Gorda is not far from Spanish Town. On a pretty beach with fantastic sunset views, enjoy your favorite cocktail on a comfortable lounge bed in the glow of a fire pit in the sand. (BTW – the sushi is excellent as well!)

The Sandbox Bar & Grill, Prickly Pear Island
Prickly Pear Island, located close to Saba Rock in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda, is a smaller island that was declared a BVI National Park in 1988 – so no additional development will be permitted.  Sandbox Bar & Grill sits on pretty Vixen Beach, on the islands southwestern point. The small bar is nothing fancy, but it’s good place to enjoy a beer or a Rum Punch while enjoying the sun and activity in North Sound. If you’re feeling energetic, take the hiking path over the hill to explore the salt ponds and several other pretty beaches.

B-Line Beach Bar, Little Jost Van Dyke
If you’re heading to the east end of Jost Van Dyke (Bubbly Pool, Foxy’s Taboo) from Sandy Cay or Sandy Spit, you may catch a glimpse of a secluded little bar on Little Jost called, the B-Line Beach Bar. You won’t find large crowds and loud music here, but you’ll find a place to unwind and relax amidst the palms. Be sure to try their signature drink, the Passion Confusion.

Hendo’s Hideout, Jost Van Dyke
The new bar on the block, this really pretty bar/restaurant has a prime location right next to the Soggy Dollar. Sip on a Delirious Donkey while gazing out at spectacular White Bay, or lounge in the sun in one of their oversized hammocks.

Pirates Bight, Norman Island
If you’ve been to the Willie T, chances are you’ve at least seen Pirates Bight sitting on the pretty beach at Norman Island. The original Pirate’s Bight burned to the ground in a fire in 2013, but has been re-built and is nicer than ever. Order a delicious Day at the Beach (cocktail) and a Chicken Roti. Prices aren’t cheap, but the taste is amazing!

Anegada Reef Hotel, Anegada
You may be familiar with Cow Weck Beach Bar & Grill and the Big Bamboo at Loblolly, but be sure to stop at the bar on the beach at Anegada Reef Hotel in Setting Point, Anegada. Try a Rum Smoothie with your toes in the sand and a spectacular sunset at one of the prettiest islands in the Caribbean.

Harris’ Place, Jost Van Dyke
Probably known more as a restaurant than a bar, we had to add Harris’ Place to the list as we enjoyed one of the best Bushwacker’s we’ve had, crafted by the owner herself, Cynthia Harris. Sit at the edge of the water and enjoy a beverage and conversation with other sailors and if you’re there long enough, you might as well stay to enjoy a succulent lobster dinner in season.

Jumbie’s, Virgin Gorda
Belly up to the bar to enjoy a $4 Rum Punch at Happy Hour or try to catch a Michael Beans Pirate Show (in season). Fun atmosphere, good drinks and, if you’re hungry, some delicious food served at the water’s edge.

Who’s ready to go back to the BVI? Have you been to any of these BVI Bars? Tell us about it!

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Best Beaches of the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands, a chain of islands well known as a premiere sailing destination, seem to have more than its fair share of stunning beaches as well. We’ve been asked by many to recommend our favorite BVI beach and well, it’s hard to even narrow it down to our favorite 5 – and I’m quite sure there are still more to discover. All of the beaches listed below are beautiful in their own way and we’ve enjoyed the time we’ve been able to spend on each one. Really though, if you’re on any beach in the BVI, you are one lucky beach bum.

Best Beaches of the British Virgin Islands

Deadmans Beach, Peter Island, BVI

Deadman’s Beach/Little Deadman’s Beach, Peter Island

The Baths, Virgin Gorda, BVIThe Baths, Virgin Gorda
(see more here)

Spring Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI
Spring Bay, Virgin Gorda

Little Dix Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI
Little Dix Bay, Virgin Gorda

Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI
Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda
(see more here)

Cow Wreck Beach, Anegada, BVI
Cow Wreck Beach, Anegada
(see more here)

Loblolly Bay, Anegada, BVI
Loblolly Bay, Anegada
(see more here)

White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, BVI
White Bay, Jost Van Dyke
(see more here)

Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands
Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands
(see more here)

Sandy Spit, British Virgin Islands
Sandy Spit, British Virgin Islands
(see more here)

Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, BVI
Cane Garden Bay
(see more here)

Smuggler's Cove, Tortola, BVI
Smuggler’s Cove, Tortola
(see more here)

Long Bay, Tortola, BVI
Long Bay , Tortola
(see more here)

How many of these beautiful BVI beaches have you had a chance to visit? Tell us about  it!

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10 Things You Shouldn’t Miss On Virgin Gorda

Ahhh, Virgin Gorda. This hilly beauty is rumored to have been named “The Fat Virgin” by Christopher Columbus who, upon approach, thought the profile of the island resembled a plump lady lying on her side. At 8 square miles, it is the 3rd largest island in the British Virgin Island chain, and although it offers a variety of luxurious resorts and villas and one of the highest rated beach attractions in the world, it still somehow maintains it laid-back island feel.

Are you planning to spend some time on this beautiful island? Here is a list of 10 Things You Shouldn’t Miss On Virgin Gorda to help you start your planning.

10-Things-You-Shouldn't--Miss On Virgin Gorda

1. Hike the Trail Through The Baths
Giant boulders surrounded by crystal clear, blue water. The path takes you through a maze of boulders and calm, turquoise pools of water where you can spend hours lounging and exploring. The path leads to Devil’s Bay – another stunning white sand beach. See Exploring the Baths of Virgin Gorda

The Baths - copyright Rum Therapy
2. Top Of the Baths
After exploring The Baths and Devil’s Bay, make a stop at the Top of The Baths for a little shopping a dip in the freshwater pool and a delicious rum cocktail with a beautiful view of Sir Francis Drake Channel and Tortola in the distance.
Find out more about the Top of the Baths here

Top of the Baths copyright Rum Therapy
3. Spring Bay
Just north of The Baths is another great beach and area to explore. Same huge boulders, more crystal clear water and a few less people. Sound good? It is…

Spring Bay copyright Rum Therapy
4. CocoMaya Restaurant & Bar
After a full day of sun, salt water and fresh air, there’s nothing better than watching a colorful sunset with a cold drink in hand from a cushy chair around a beach campfire – well, technically a gas fire pit, but it’s a beautiful atmosphere nonetheless. CocoMaya is located on the beach  just south of Spanish Town. We hear the food is pretty awesome as well.
Find out more about CocoMaya here

CocoMaya - copyright Rum Therapy

5. Saba Rock
Technically located in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda, this private island offers a lot in just less than an acre. Saba Rock boasts not only a famous over-the-water lounge bar and restaurant, but also an 8 bedroom hotel, 10 slip marina, gift shop, gardens and sun deck. Go for dinner, the views, and a famous Saba Rock Banana Daiquiri.
Find out more about Saba Rock here

Saba Rock - copyright Rum Therapy
6. Leverick Bay
 Leverick Bay is a Resort & Marina located on the North Sound of Virgin Gorda. Laid back, colorful and fun, this is a great place to dock a boat, rent a suite, enjoy a scenic dinner at the Restaurant at Leverick Bay or sip a rum punch while savoring a roti at the beachside Jumbie’s bar.
Read more about Leverick Bay here

Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda - copyright Rum Therapy
7. Michael Beans Show
This musician, sailor and showman puts on a “Happy Arrr” musical pirate show at Jumbies at Leverick Bay Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 5-7 pm during the season. The entertaining two hour show includes a lot of audience participation and good clean pirate fun for the whole family.

8. Hog Heaven
Hog Heaven is a Bar & Grill sitting high atop Virgin Gorda with an absolutely beautiful view of the entire North Sound. If you have the chance, take the drive up the hill to enjoy a plate of delicious BBQ, a Blondie Special (a rum drink named after the owner) and a spectacular view of the entire North Sound, including Necker Island, and on a clear day, Anegada.
Read more about Hog Heaven here

9. Rent a Dinghy and Tour North Sound
Got a full day to explore? Rent a dinghy from Leverick Bay (call ahead to reserve one – they sell out) and take your time exploring all that beautiful North Sound has to offer, including Bitter End Yacht Club, Saba Rock, Prickly Pear Island,  and Fat Virgin Café. Our rental instructions included a warning – seaplanes have the right of way!
Read What to See and Do In North Sound here

Dinghy in North Sound - copyright Rum Therapy
 10. Hike Virgin Gorda Peak
To be honest, you can get some almost as good views of both sides of the island (without hiking) from the road that takes you to the trailhead, but making the trek to the top is worth it to check out the foliage (seems odd to see cactus on a tropical island!) and to burn off some of the amazing rum drinks you’ve probably been enjoying in paradise. Best to go on a clear day for the best views (as  you see, we didn’t), and bring water and a snack. It takes about 50 minutes to get to the summit and there are picnic tables at the top.

Virgin Gorda View - copyright Rum Therapy
Savannah Bay
From the moment we first sailed past this pretty beach, we knew it would be one of our favorites. Usually very quiet; it’s a long arc of soft, light sand fringed by gorgeous turquoise water. Great place to put your toes (and more!) in the water…


Find many of the places mentioned above on our Virgin Gorda Map

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The Beautiful Beaches of Tortola

When you think of Tortola, the largest island of the British Virgin Island chain, do you think of the place you meet to embark on your BVI sailing adventure? Do you think of bustling Road Town or the picturesque Soper’s Hole? Do you think of a stop on the ferry on the way to another island? Perhaps Full Moon Parties?

For whatever reason, Tortola is known for many things, but not always it’s beaches – which really is surprising. Tortola has some stunning beaches. The best beaches are found on Tortola’s North and West sides and range from wide swaths of soft, light colored sand to beaches with some of the best surfing in the area. Because many face north, some can really rock ‘n roll when there’s a north swell, but on calm days they can be downright tranquil.

Long-Bay-Beach copyright Rum Therapy

Although Brewer’s Bay and Josiah’s Bay are both beautiful Northside beaches that should probably be on a “best of Tortola” list, we’ve seen them only by boat (We won’t talk about that time we rented a Jeep while staying on island and the adventure we had trying to get there. Have we mentioned that parts of Tortola are hilly and VERY steep?). Anyway, for the purposes of this post, we’ll cover just the Tortola beaches we’ve actually gotten to stick our toes in – so far.

Long Bay – West

Long-Bay-Beach copyright Rum Therapy
Long-Bay-Beach copyright Rum Therapy
Long Bay is a “long” stretch of powdery, light colored sand on the west end of Tortola. Long Bay Beach Club occupies a portion of the lovely beach, but the several times we visited, we were one of the few walking along and enjoying the scenery. Good photo ops include the overlook of Long Bay from the road at Lower Bay Point and the western end of the beach with Belmont Point in the background. If Winston is bartending at his Nature Boy Beach Bar,  located on the beaches western end, be sure to stop in for a cold beer and some conversation.
Read more about Long Bay here.

Long Bay – East

Long-Bay-East copyright Rum Therapy
Long-Bay-East-copyright Rum Therapy
Not technically on Tortola, Long Bay East is on Beef Island, a small island separated from Tortola by the short Queen Elizabeth Bridge – close enough we thought, to be included on this list. Apparently it’s a favorite with locals on the weekends and why wouldn’t it be? With its white sand and calm water, it’d be a great place to enjoy that Tortola sunshine.

Apple Bay

Apple-Bay copyright Rum Therapy
Not far from Long Bay heading north, you’ll find Apple Bay, sometimes called Capoons Bay.

Apple-Bay copyright Rum Therapy
Apple Bay has a great view of Jost Van Dyke, is one of the premier surfing spots in the BVI and is home of the one and only Bomba Shack, where you can sit and sip a Rum Punch while checking out the scenery.

Smuggler’s Cove

Smuggler's-Cove copyright Rum Therapy
Smuggler’s Cove is on the westernmost tip of Tortola.

Smuggler's-Cove copyright Rum Therapy
With beautiful palms, a view of Jost Van Dyke and an arc of soft light sand, Smuggler’s Cove is one not to miss. It’s a little tricky to get to, but that seems to keep the crowd’s at bay. Read more about Smuggler’s Cove here.

Cane Garden Bay

Cane-Garden-Bay copyright Rum Therapy
A boater’s favorite, one could easily while away a few days in Cane Garden Bay just leisurely walking the beach, splashing in the calm water and enjoying food, drink and live music at several excellent beach bars. If that weren’t enough, there is also a rum distillery to tour within walking distance and a recycled glass studio to enjoy. Read more about Cane Garden Bay here.

Cane-Garden-Bay copyright Rum Therapy
And to top it off, Cane Garden Bay has some of the best sunsets in the BVI.

If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy some of Tortola’s beautiful beaches, make sure to check a few out next time you’re in the area!

Find all of these great beaches on our Tortola Map

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Foxy’s School of Music

 As we previously mentioned in our post about a new business called Foxy’s Charters started by Foxy Callwood of Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands, Foxy is a busy man. He not only owns two bars on the island, Foxy’s and Foxy’s Taboo, and the new business Foxy’s Charters, he is active in preserving the culture and heritage of the beautiful island he calls his home. He was instrumental in founding the Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society to further the education, monitoring and protection of the areas environment and wildlife and has recently started a new venture intended to serve the children of the Jost Van Dyke community and encourage enrichment in a topic near and dear to Foxy’s heart – music.

Foxy Callwood copyright Rum Therapy
Anyone lucky enough to visit Foxy’s while Foxy was present has probably been treated to a little of his music. Seen frequently with his guitar, Foxy has been known to sing improvised calypso-esque ballads, many times creating off-the-cuff lyrics about his guests, where they’re from and humorous tidbits about their state or country. So – it makes complete sense that Foxy has begun a new venture designed to entice children on Jost Van Dyke to explore music and encourage budding musicians through a program called Foxy’s School of Music.

Foxy's School of Music copyright Rum Therapy
On  a recent visit to Foxy’s, David Dietrich treated us to a tour of this new facility, opened in March of 2015. Located behind Foxy’s, the dome structure houses a variety of instruments, from drums to violins.

Foxy's School of Music copyright Rum Therapy
Foxy's School of Music copyright Rum Therapy
Foxy’s School of Music is open several days a week to the local children (of which there are approximately 43) and is a place they can gather to experiment with music, play music together and take lessons from volunteers.

Foxy's School of Music copyright Rum Therapy
Foxy's School of Music copyright Rum Therapy
Several other music lovers and musicians have lent a hand in the creation of this venue, including Tony Martin form “Just Right Music”, Kebbi Williams, a Grammy Award Winning Saxophone Player, William Barnes – composer, producer and musician and Michael Beans – a local musician who performed his famous “Happy Arrr Pirate Show” at the opening ceremonies.

This year, the child who works the hardest at learning how to play their instrument of choice will be awarded with a trip to the annual Music In the Park Event in Atlanta, Georgia held by Kebbie Williams.

Foxy's-4-(500)-Ophoto courtesy of Foxy’s School of Music

Anyway you look at it, Foxy’s School of Music is a win-win situation. It’s a program that will certainly benefit the local children of Jost Van Dyke and a program that could be creating another wonderful musician like Foxy himself.

Foxy Callwood - copyright Rum Therapy

If you’d like to donate to this great program, contact them via email at [email protected], or if you will be visiting Foxy’s in the near future, there is a donation box between the bar and the Foxhole.

Find Foxy’s on our Jost Van Dyke Map

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Caribbean Roti

 Foxy’s has it and it’s tasty. We’ve enjoyed it a Leverick Bay and even at Willy T’s. But we first sampled a delicious dish with East Indian origins called roti while sailing the BVI years ago. Our chef was quite adept at preparing local dishes and treated us to some terrific dinners that week but the thought of that warm and succulent roti stuffed with tender chicken, potatoes and curry and drizzled with mango chutney sauce stuck with us even after we returned home – in a good way!

“Roti” can actually refer to two things – a flatbread served along another dishes, or our favorite, the burrito style roti stuffed with any number of things such as chicken, fish, shrimp or vegetables. The dish is thought to have originated in Trinidad by laborers from India in the mid-19th century, but eventually spread to many other islands in the Caribbean. Today Roti is a common dish in the BVI.

Although we’re returning soon to the BVI and will certainly be looking for more delicious roti, we ran across this recipe are going to give it a try this weekend. Roti are best served in a freshly baked roti shell, but in a pinch you can use a tortilla shell. It’s a little thicker than the original shell, but if you brown it just a little for crispness, it tastes works quite well.

copyright Rum Therapy
Caribbean Roti
(makes 4)

3 boneless chicken breasts
1 tsp. coriander
2 tbsp. olive oil
2 c. chicken stock
1 large onion, chopped in  chunks

3 minced garlic cloves
2 1/2 tbsp. curry powder
2 large white potatoes, diced
1/2 yellow scotch bonnet or chili pepper
mango chutney

Sauté the onions  and chicken until lightly browned. Add garlic and curry powder and sauté for 2-3 minutes. Add potatoes and coat with the mixture. Pour in the chicken stock and add the peppers and coriander. Simmer until the potatoes are very tender and broth begins to reduce. Salt to taste, then serve wrapped in a warm roti drizzled with mango chutney.

Have you enjoyed roti while traveling in the Caribbean? Tell us about it!

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Sunday Serenity: First Tracks on White Bay

Lately when we talk about White Bay or Jost Van Dyke, everybody seems to have been there or has it on their “list”. With it’s stunning beauty and a plethora of great beach bars, Jost Van Dyke has been discovered.

But along with its fame comes crowds. Ever been on White Bay on a sunny afternoon in high season? Yep, it can be busy.

We had the pleasure of staying on-island in the White Bay Villas & Seaside Cottages for a week a couple of years ago. One of our favorite memories about being on White Bay early in the day or late in the evening when the day crowds go home? It’s so quiet…

During our week on JVD we got up early every morning and walked White Bay. Being from Colorado originally, we equated being the first to walk the beach in the morning as being the first one down a ski slope in the morning after a fresh dusting of snow. First tracks. Except warmer. Best thing about that? All we could hear was waves gently lapping the shore and seagulls calling…peaceful.

copyright Rum Therapy

Of course we usually headed back down to the beach later in the day for the party and a Painkiller or two…

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Perfect Vacation Memory – Virgin Gorda

What’s a perfect vacation memory? You know the one your mind wanders to when your day gets a little too stressful? Well, of course it’s different for everyone, but ours usually has something to do with a beautiful beach…and rum…

A few years ago, while staying on-island in this beautiful villa on Virgin Gorda in the BVI, we packed our beach bags and set off for the day to beautiful Spring Bay, a next door neighbor to The Baths. We spent the day lounging in the crystal clear water, exploring the massive boulders and simply soaking in the sun.

And, as if that weren’t perfect enough, after getting our beach fill for the day, we made our way to CocoMaya, where we ordered a Zacapa 23 on ice and a Pinot Grigio, sat with our toes in the sand around a fire pit at the waters edge,

and watched a gorgeous sunset over Tortola.

Great memory of a great day on a beautiful island.

Do you have any great vacation memories from Virgin Gorda? Share them with us!

Find Spring Bay and CocoMaya on our Virgin Gorda Map

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Sailing the British Virgin Islands on a Crewed Charter, Part 4

We awoke to yet another spectacular morning view through our porthole.

copyright Rum Therapy

Morning view of the water around Anegada

We were reluctant to leave this island with the electric blue water, but were anxious for the adventures ahead.

copyright Rum Therapy

Leaving Anegada

The sail out of Anegada was nearly as beautiful as the sail in – except for one thing.
We were leaving!

copyright Rum Therapy

Sailing from Anegada to Virgin Gorda

Before getting back to Virgin Gorda, our captain planned to make a snorkeling stop at The Dogs, a small group of uninhabited islands just off the coast of Virgin Gorda. The four Dogs Islands, called George, Great, West and Seal, have a number of coral ridges that are great for snorkeling and diving.

copyright Rum Therapy

Sailing Itinerary – Day 6

We stopped at George Dog, anchored, spent some time checking out the coral and fish in the clear blue water, and then found a place to lounge and relax in the sunshine.

copyright Rum Therapy

Snorkeling at George Dog

copyright Rum Therapy

Interesting sea creatures

copyright Rum Therapy

Chillaxin’ on deck

From there we had a short motor over to check out the spectacular Little Dix Bay, Virgin Gorda.

copyright Rum Therapy

Little Dix Bay Resort, Virgin Gorda

copyright Rum Therapy

Hobie Cat in Little Dix Bay

Next stop – The Baths!

copyright Rum Therapy

Huge boulders of The Baths

Even though we’ve been lucky enough to visit The Baths several times, we were nonetheless excited to explore them again AND show our boatmates this amazing area. The Baths National Park is found on the southwestern tip of Virgin Gorda and is comprised of massive granite boulders, white sand beaches and sparkling shallow blue pools which can be explored via a trail that winds through the rocks, sand and pools.

Find out what it’s like to take the path through the boulders of The Baths here: Exploring The Baths, Virgin Gorda

copyright Rum Therapy

The beauty of The Baths

See more pictures of The Baths here: The Baths, Virgin Gorda

copyright Rum Therapy

Beautiful sandy beaches and boulders

After a great afternoon of exploring, we swam back to our boat, where we were greeted with the drink of the day and a delicious dinner! At this point in the trip, we’d gotten used to such pampering and were trying to figure out how to take our crew home with us…

copyright Rum Therapy

Drink of the Day – fruity Sangria

copyright Rum Therapy

Delicious dinner on-board

But alas, our sailing trip was nearing the end. That night we anchored in Spanish Town and dinghied in for a  drink and the view at CocoMaya.

In the morning, we began the last day of our vacation….. :(

We spent the early hours enjoying Cooper Island and Cooper Island Beach Club.

copyright Rum Therapy

Cooper Island Beach Club

A short hop over to to Salt Island for a snorkel of the Wreck of the Rhone – and then our final stop of the trip – Peter Island. 

copyright Rum Therapy

View of Deadman’s Beach, Peter Island

 Read more about Little Deadman’s Beach, Peter Island

copyright Rum Therapy

Hammock at Peter Island Resort

After dinner ashore at Deadman’s Beach Bar & Grill (part of the Peter Island Resort) we reflected on the great week we had just experienced. In 7 days we were able to to see so much of the BVI, including visits to the following islands:
Norman Island
Sandy Island
Little Jost Van Dyke
Jost Van Dyke
Virgin Gorda
Cooper Island
Peter Island

We were also treated to some excellent sailing through the beautiful islands, pampered with great food and drinks, and we got to experience all of this with a wonderful group of friends.

Sun-tanned, relaxed and refreshed, we were completely ready to go again!

copyright Rum Therapy

Our awesome crew

Thanks to our wonderful crew and the folks at Festiva for another really great sailing vacation!

copyright Rum Therapy

The sun goes down on anther great sail

 In case you missed them:
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Sailing in the British Virgin Islands on a Crewed Charter Part 3

 Looks like it’s time to check out another sailing itinerary! Perhaps the Grenadines again, or St. Maarten/Anguilla/St. Barths? Or maybe Greece?…..


To find out more about a Crewed Charter Sailing Vacation with Festiva including the itineraries they offer, contact them through their website:
Festiva Sailing Vacations

And follow them on Facebook:
Festiva Sailing Vacations



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Sailing the British Virgin Islands on a Crewed Charter, Part 3

Wow – we were already 4 days in to our sailing vacation. How time flies when you’re having so much fun – well, and a little rum!

We woke this morning to this view of Great Harbour from our porthole…

copyright Rum Therapy

Morning view of Great Harbour from our porthole

After a delicious breakfast of eggs, fresh pastries and fresh fruit prepared by our lovely cook, we dinghied to Great Harbour to explore just a little more. We then set sail for our next destination, Guana Island, and passed stunning Sandy Cay along the way.

copyright Rum Therapy

Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands

copyright Rum Therapy

Sailing itinerary Day 4

 After Sandy Cay, we enjoyed a very nice sail around Tortola, passing by some of the harder to reach beaches on Tortola’s North side such as Trunk Bay, Josiah’s Bay and Lambert Bay.

Passing beautiful White Bay on Guana Island, we pulled into Monkey Point, where we spent a few hours snorkeling at one of the best spots on the trip. Here we saw very large tarpon (at least 3 ft!) and schools and schools of small brightly colored minnows.

Next stop – North Sound, Virgin Gorda.

copyright Rum Therapy

Leverick Bay, Resort & Marina

We docked that night at colorful Leverick Bay (see more about Leverick Bay here), which allowed us to easily get off the boat and explore the area.

We’d been to Leverick several times in the past, but were never there to enjoy the “singing pirate”, Michael Bean at Jumbiesthat is until this time!

copyright Rum Therapy

Michael Bean at Happy Arrr!

It was a fun show – lots of singing, pirate shenanigans and rum punch and we enjoyed Jumbies until the sun went down.

We were welcomed back on the boat with a delicious Happy Arrr of our own. Every evening our crew would prepare a delicious round of lite hors d’oeuvres and a “drink of the day”. Tonight’s drink? A strawberry daiquiri with fresh mint…yum…

copyright Rum Therapy

Drink of the Day

Day 5 we awoke with anticipation of a sail to  “the drowned island” – Anegada.

copyright Rum Therapy

Day 5 itinerary

Lying approximately 15 miles north of Virgin Gorda, this island just doesn’t look like the others in the BVI chain. Only 28 ft at it’s highest point, it’s flat topography is far different from the other islands. Anegada is surrounded by coral reefs and hundreds of shipwrecks and it takes an experienced captain to safely navigate the sail in – and we were very happy to leave this task in our capable captains hands (another benefit of a crewed charter!)

At about 2 hours, the sail to Anegada was the longest of the trip. It was a gorgeous sunny day with enough wind for a decent sail, but smooth enough that we could do this….

copyright Rum Therapy

Enjoying a relaxing sail to Anegada

And a little more of this…

copyright Rum Therapy

Making sure the tan is even…

Until we started to get close to Anegada and the water looked like this.

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The shallow, blue water around Anegada

Once safely anchored in Setting Point, we dinghied to shore, rented an open cab truck for the day and set off exploring.

If you’ve yet to visit Anegada, let me tell you, it should be called “Ahhh”negada! The beaches, although devoid of a lot of foliage or palm trees, are simply spectacular. It’s almost hard to describe the water color – electric maybe? First stop – the beach north of Pomato Point.

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Beach north of Pomato Point by Anegada Beach Cottages

And not another soul around….

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Cow Wreck Beach and Beach Bar

We drove on a short way to Cow Wreck Beach and Beach Bar. We could have easily spent a few days here. Great beach – fun beach bar! Find out more about our visit to Cow Wreck here. After an hour or two we pressed on – intent on seeing as much as possible and landed on Loblolly Bay.

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Loblolly Bay

Here we enjoyed some good snorkeling and a beverage at the Big Bamboo Beach Bar.
Read more about our visit to Loblolly here.

Totally sun and salt water drenched, we made our way back to Setting Point and then our boat to enjoy our “drink of the day”, while watching yet another amazing sunset.

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Sunset from our boat in Setting Point

And to top this excellent day off, we cleaned up and went ashore for a Lobster dinner at Potter’s by the Sea. Man, I could get really used to this!

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Dinner at Potter’s by the Sea

Stay tuned for Sailing the British Virgin Islands on a Crewed Charter Part 4, the last couple of days, where we visit The Baths, snorkel The Rhone and spend time on Peter Island.

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