Mudjin Bar & Grill, Middle Caicos

Many years ago while staying on North Caicos, we drove over the causeway connecting North to Middle Caicos to explore. Our first Middle Caicos stop? The stunning Mudjin Harbour.

Mudjin Harbour - copyright Rum Therapy
A few months ago we returned to Turks & Caicos and this time we stayed on Providenciales. Hearing that several beach bars that had been built on North Caicos (Barracuda Beach Bar) and Middle Caicos (Mudjin Bar & Grill) since our last visit, we decided to take the ferry over again to explore.

Although Middle Caicos takes a bit of planning and time to get to, Mudjin Harbour was just as beautiful as the time before and we enjoyed the addition of Mudjin Bar & Grill.

It’s situated in the Blue Horizon Resort with a fabulous view of Mudjin Harbour beach and Dragon Cay, a rock formation just offshore that resembles a dragon.

We enjoyed a rum punch on the deck while enjoying the warm breeze and the view before heading down for some time on the beach.

FYI – we were told by the bartender that the Blue Horizon Resort is for sale and includes the Mudjin Bar & Grill. Hmmm. More details here.

Watch the view from the deck at Mudjin Bar & Grill here:

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Mudjin Harbour, Middle Caicos

On the North coast of a sparsely populated island called Middle Caicos is a beautiful area that is a bit reminiscent of Ireland – with probably a wee bit more sunshine. The area is called Mudjin Harbour and it’s spectacularly beautiful!

Mudjin 1

Middle Caicos is one of the island in the Turks and Caicos chain. The largest of the islands, Middle Caicos, is 48 square miles with a population of under 300. The north shore of Middle Caicos is more dramatic than the other Caicos Islands with limestone cliffs and long sandy beaches.

Access: If not taking an excursion via a local tour operator, the best way to get to Middle Caicos is to take the ferry from Providenciales to North Caicos, rent a car on North Caicos and drive across the causeway to Middle Caicos. Credit cards are sometimes not accepted at gas stations – so be sure to bring cash and fill up on North Caicos as there are no gas stations on Middle Caicos.

Once on Middle Caicos, turn left into the Blue Horizon Resort and park by the cement path to the beach. Follow the Beach Cave Trail for a  short hike to the overlook of Mudjin Harbour.

Mudjin 2Beach Cave Trail Sign
Mudjin 4Overlook of Mudjin Harbour
Mudjin 8Looking down at Mudjin Harbour
Mudjin 5
Snorkeling in this area can be excellent when the ocean is calm and the beach is wonderful for walking and exploring small beach caves. When the tide is low you can walk from the beach to “the dragon” – the rocky outcropping about 200 yards off the beach. Take the trail from Mudjin Bar & Grill over the top of the cliffs for stunning views of the area.

Mudjin 6
Mudjin 7
Mudjin 12
 Mudjin Bar & Grill serves food and drinks with an excellent view. Want to stay longer? The cottages at Blue Horizon Resort offer quiet and tranquility with easy access to the beach.

Mudjin 9
Recommended for:
anyone willing to go a little out of the way to see a stunning beach and overlooks of limestone cliffs and a turquoise sea, those who like to explore relatively unknown and uncrowded beaches, and photographers

Mudjin 11
In addition to Mudjin Harbour, while on Middle Caicos, be sure to check out the caves – some of which you can explore on your own and some that require guides. Hike part of the Crossing Place Walking Trail. Stop at Conch Bar Village for some fresh seafood and the Middle Caicos Co-op to see a collection of handmade TCI crafts. Drive a little further to see beautiful Bambarra Beach and if you’re lucky enough to be in the area around Valentines Day, check out the Traditional Model Sailboat Races in the Valentines Day Cup

Find Mudjin Harbour on our Turks & Caicos Map

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