Sandy Cay, Bahamas and its Link to Gilligan

Sandy Cay, or Honeymoon Cay, a small 3 acre private island northeast of Paradise Island in the Bahamas is famous primarily for one thing. Sure it’s been used to film numerous fashion spreads and commercials. Sure it’s said to be one of the most photographed islands in the Bahamas, but what is Sandy Cay or Honeymoon Cay best known for?

Sandy Cay, Bahamas copyright Rum Therapy
Sandy Cay is known as the island shown in the title card during the beginning theme of Gilligan’s Island first season. That’s right, Gilligan’s Island.

As avid fans of Gilligan’s Island back in the day (the re-runs of course!), we were excited to find out about the island during an excursion and enjoyed having our picture taken in front of it.

Sandy Cay, Bahamas copyright Rum Therapy
And of course, as soon as we returned home, we watched the first episode of Gilligan’s Island again to see the tiny island we got to visit (see video below at :56).

Now I’m sure the little island has changed a lot since Gilligan’s Island first aired in 1964 due to hurricanes and other storms, erosion and even man, and if this is the island used a the photograph for the opening, its looks have changed a bit.  Still, we choose to believe it was Sandy Cay. And regardless, we wouldn’t mind being stranded there for a while after a three-hour tour…as long as there’s rum!

Have you been to Sandy Cay? Tell us about it!

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