10 Mojito Variations

The Perfect Mojito

What makes a perfect mojito? When you look on the web, there’s more mojito recipes than you can shake a muddler at.  So what is it? The type of rum used? The amount of mint? The setting? Get the recipe for The Perfect Mojito here: The Perfect Mojito

Dirty Mojito

Dirty up your mojito by using a gold rum instead of a white and changing the simple syrup or white sugar to raw sugar or demerara sugar. Get the recipe for a Dirty Mojito here: Dirty Mojito

Dark Mojito

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Use a dark rum for this one for a full and rummier tasting mojito. Find the recipe here: Dark Mojito

And here are a few fruit mojito variations to try!

Pear Mojito

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Mmmm…pears. One of our favorite winter fruits. In our quest to make mojitos out of, well, everything, we tried making a mojito with pears. Get the Pear Mojito Recipe here: Pear Mojito

Mango Mojito

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One of the most pinned recipes on our Pinterest Page: this Mango Mojito Recipe tastes like summertime! Get the Mango Mojito Recipe here: Mango Mojito

Raspberry Mojito

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A berry tasty and refreshing twist on the regular mojito! Get the Raspberry Mojito Recipe here: Raspberry Mojito

Zesty Orange Mojito

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This is one of our favorites – the orange mixes very nicely with the lime and mint...mmm…. Get the recipe for a Zesty Orange Mojito here: Zesty Orange Mojito

Three to go. Not your standard mojitos, but still delicious!

Frozen Mojito

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Today’s mojito is a colder version of The Perfect Mojito with just a few slight adjustments. You’ll love the frosty, minty, limey goodness of this one! Get the Frozen Mojito Recipe here: Frozen Mojito


Green Tea Mojito

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A healthy Mojito? Well, this one DOES contain green tea and can be made sugar-free, so if you need to keep it light, this is one to try! Get the Green Tea Mojito Recipe here: Green Tea Mojito


Mojito Cupcakes

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Although not the drinking variety, this mojito variation is worthy of inclusion in the list! Light and tasty with a hint of lime or mint – nothing overpowering, and the lime zest added to the frosting added just a little more tang. Get the recipe for Mojito Cupcakes here: Mojito Cupcakes

Which one sounds good to you tonight?

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Raspberry Mojito

Summertime is fresh fruit and berry time and today’s Mojito is made from one of my favorite berries – the raspberry. I tried it several ways, including using mint and raspberry infused simple syrup, but the following recipe makes such a tasty and refreshing cocktail that I had to choose this one to post!

Raspberry Mojito
(serves 1)

8 fresh mint leaves
8 fresh raspberries
2 tsp turbinado (raw sugar)
Juice of 1  1/2 limes (about 3 tbsp.)
2 0z. white rum
Club Soda

Muddle the sugar and raspberries until pureed. Add mint leaves and gently muddle until the flavor is released. Add the lime, rum and ice and then fill to the top with club soda. Gently stir. Garnish with lime wheels, mint and a couple of raspberries.