7 Things to Do on Providenciales

Providenciales, the most developed and populated island in chain of islands called the Turks & Caicos, is home to some luxurious hotels and resorts and is fringed by some of the prettiest beaches in the world. Are you planning a trip to Provo? This list of  7 Things To Do on Providenciales might give you some ideas of what to do during your time there!

Taylor-Bay - copyright Rum Therapy

Boasting some of the prettiest beaches in the  world, including the highly ranked Grace Bay Beach, spending some time on one of Provo’s gorgeous beaches is the top thing to do on our list. See photos of a few of our favorites and read more in our post “The Stunning Beaches of Providenciales“.

Leeward Beach - copyright Rum TherapyPelican Beach at (part of Leeward Beach)

Whether looking for fine or casual dining on Provo, you’ll find a variety of restaurants and bars to suit your taste. Conch and seafood, in all manner of preparation, is served at many different establishments. One of our favorites? A restaurant called Mr. Grouper’s. The Coconut Crusted Grouper and Blackened Grouper were recommended by a friend and after ordering both, we decided to go back again later in the week for another go-round. Delicious!

Mr Grouper's Restaurant - copyright Rum TherapyCoconut Crusted Grouper at Mr. Grouper’s


With a plethora of gorgeous beaches, you’d certainly guess there are great beach bars to be found on Provo and you’d be right. Da Conch Shack & RumBar, Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl, Kalooki’s Beach Restaurant and Bar and Somewhere Café & Lounge are great selections – each on a beautiful beach, but there are others bars to check out as well, such as the 90 ft long Infiniti Bar at Grace Bay Club – touted as the longest bar in the Caribbean and Jimmy’s Dive Bar in Ports of Call. Be sure to sample the local made Turks Head Beer and Bambarra Rum.

Drinks at Bugaloo's - copyright Rum TherapyRum Drinks at Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl

Hit the links at the Provo Golf Club and enjoy a round of golf on an 18 hole championship golf course that is voted consistently within the top ten Caribbean golf courses.

Provo-Golf Club - copyright Rum TherapyProvo Golf Club


There are some very nice shops in and around Ports of Call and Grace Bay offering a variety of gift, art, locally  made and luxury items. Our favorite place to pick up souvenirs for friends & family at home? Mama’s Gift Shop in Ports of Call. Run by two sisters from North Caicos, you are sure to get good service and a friendly chat from Mama #1 or Mama #2 while shopping!

Mamas Gift Shop - copyright Rum TheapyMama #2 at Mama’s Gift Shop

Other things to explore on Provo?
1. The Caicos Conch Farm where you can take a 30 minute tour that will teach you about the life cycle of the conch and where you can se many thousands of Caribbean Queen Conch growing the facilities ponds.
2. Chalk Sound – take a scenic drive around the amazing turquoise water of Chalk Sound National Park.
3. Snorkel at the Bight Reef or Smith’s Reef, or snorkel on a boat excursion – the underwater life is beautiful!
4. Take an excursion to neighboring cays such as Little Water Cay and Half Moon Bay

Conch-Farm - copyright Rum TherapyCaicos Conch Farm

There are so many more things to experience during your vacation in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, but we’ll leave you with two more. The Thursday Fish Fry, held at the Bight Park from 5:30-9:30 is an excellent place to enjoy  food and drink from several local restaurants, local arts & crafts and live music & entertainment.
One last thing to experience on Providenciales? A sunset. Sunsets from many areas on the north part of the island are simply spectacular and the perfect way to cap a perfect day on the island.

Pelican Point Sunset - ccopyright Rum TherapySunset at Pelican Reef

Have you been to Providenciales? Tell us about it!

Find many of these attractions on our Turks & Caicos Map

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Best of USVI Survey Results

 Thanks to all who took our survey on the “Best-Of St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix”. We hope the results of our Readers Choice survey will give people planning to visit one of these beautiful islands in the near future some ideas of what to do during that well deserved vacation. The results below are simply a compilation of the answers given by our readers based on what they’ve enjoyed while vacationing in the USVI and we do not endorse, nor discount any of the properties, restaurants, shops or attractions listed or not listed. We encourage you to continue to do your own research prior to your trip.

Some of the answers were eye-opening to us and after reading this, we’ve added a few things to our list to see and do during our next visit! Enjoy!

St. Thomas

Best Beach on St. Thomas:
1. Magens Bay
2. Sapphire Beach
3. Coki Point
4. Bolongo Bay

Best Beach Bar/Island Bar on St. John:
1. Duffy’s Love Shack
2. Iggies
3. Big Kahuna Rum Shack
4. Island Time Pub

Best Rum Drink on St. Thomas:
1. Painkiller
2. Bushwacker
3. Banana Daiquiri
4. VooDoo Juice

Best Restaurant on St. Thomas:
1. Sunset Grille
2. Fish Tails
3. Banana Tree Grille
4. Mafolie

Best Hotel/Resort on St. Thomas:
1. Bolongo Bay Beach Resort
2. Marriot’s Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Beach Resort
3. The Ritz-Carlton
4. Dreams Sugar Bay
Write ins with multiple votes: Mafolie Hotel, Bluebeards Castle

Best Villa/Condo Rental in St. Thomas:
1. Slice of Heaven, Magens Bay
2. Sapphire Beach Condos – write ins
3. Point Pleasant – write ins
4. Brigadoon – Red Hook

Best Shop or Boutique on St. Thomas:
1. Pirates in Paradise
2. Bones Rum
3. Native Arts & Crafts Cooperative
Write ins with multiple votes: Fish Face, Caribbean Surf Co.

Best Souvenir to bring home from St. Thomas:
1. Bones Rum
2. Larimar Jewelry
Write ins with multiple votes: Hook Bracelet, Cruzan Rum

Best attraction to experience in St. Thomas:
1. Coral World Ocean Park & Undersea Observatory
2. Skyride to Paradise Point
3. Mountain Top
4. Tree Limin’ Extreme
Write ins with multiple votes: Great House Botanical Gardens, Drake’s Seat, Magens Bay


St. John

Best Beach on St. John:
1. Trunk Bay
2. Cinnamon Bay
3. Maho Bay
4. Salomon and Honeymoon
Write in with multiple votes: Gibney

Best Beach  Bar/Island Bar on St. John:
1. The Beach Bar
2. Skinny Legs
3. Woody’s
4. Joe’s Rum Hut

Best Rum Drink  on St. John:
1. Painkiller
2. Bushwhacker
3. Rum Punch
Write ins with multiple votes: Mojito and Island Girl from Joe’s Rum Hut, Lime in de Coconut

Best Restaurant on St. John:
1. The Lime Inn
2. Cruz Bay Landing
3. The Banana Deck
4. The Terrace Restaurant
Write in with multiple votes: The Fish Trap

Best Place to Stay on St. John:
1. Private Villa: There were more write ins on this one than votes on the entries posted. Most of the write ins were for private villas with no specific name mentioned with the exception of Villa Mar de Amores and Villa St. John.
2. Westin St. John Resort & Villas
3. Caneel Bay Resort
4. Gallow’s Point Resort

Best Shop or Boutique on St. John:
1. St. John Spice
2. Bougainvillea
3. Coconut Coast Studios
Write ins with multiple votes: Sloop Jones, Caravan, Freebird, Bamboo Studio

Best Souvenir to bring home from St. John:
1. St. John Hook Bracelet
2. Cruz Bay Grill Rub from St. John Spice
3. A Hand Painted Shirt from Sloop Jones
Write ins with multiple votes: T-shirt from The Beach Bar, Larimar Jewelry, rum, a good suntan

Best Attraction to Experience on St. John:
1. Snorkeling the trail at Trunk Bay
2. Snorkeling at Waterlemon Cay
3. Hiking anywhere in the VI National Park
Write ins with  multiple votes: Drunk Bay, Exploring the town of Cruz Bay


St Croix

Best Beach on St. Croix:
1. Sandy Point Beach
2. Rainbow Beach
3. Cane Bay Beach
4. Sandcastle Beach
Write ins with multiple votes: Buck Island Beach

Best Beach Bar/Island Bar on St. Croix:
1. Rhythms at Rainbow Beach
2. Rum Runners
3. eat @ cane bay
4. Off the Wall
Write ins with multiple votes: Beachside Café

Best Rum Drink  on St. Croix
1. Painkiller
2. Cruzan Confusion
3. Green Flash
Write ins with multiple votes: Lime in de Coconut

Best restaurant on St Croix:
1. Polly’s On the Pier
2. Rowdy Joes
3. The Waves at Cane Bay
4. Galangal
Write ins with multiple votes: Duggans Reef, Rum Runners, LeReine Chicken Shack, eat @ cane bay

Best place to stay on St. Croix:
1. TIE: Renaissance St. Croix Carambola Beach Resort & Spa and Sand Castle on the Beach
2. The Buccaneer
3. Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort
Write ins with multiple votes: Cottages by the Sea, Condo Rental

Best shop or boutique on St. Croix:
1. Sonya Ltd
2. Purple Papaya
3. ib designs
4. From the Gecko Boutique
Write ins with multiple votes: Franklins on the Waterfront

Best Souvenir to bring home from St. Croix:
1. St. Croix Hook Bracelet
2. Cruzan Rum
3. Chaney Jewelry

Best attraction to experience on St. Croix:
1. Catamaran Sail to Buck Island
2. Kayaking at night in a bioluminescent bay
3. Point Udall
4. Beer drinking pigs at Montpellier Domino Club
5. Cruzan Rum Factory Tour
Write ins with multiple votes: dive the wall, dive or snorkel the pier, Jump Up Festival, St. George Village Botanical Gardens

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A Day Trip to Vieques

A few days after our day trip to Culebra (read “A Day Trip to Culebra” here), we headed back to Fajardo to board the ferry to the other main Spanish Virgin Island – Vieques. Vieques lies about 8 miles east of Puerto Rico, and is an easy ferry ride from the mainland. Although there were a few raindrops on our ride over, we were greeted with a full day of warm sunshine upon our arrival.

copyright Rum Therapy
Wanting to explore as much of the island as we could in a day, we rented a Jeep from a small car rental agency just a few blocks away from the ferry.

So what did we do during our day on Vieques?

Vieques is known for its beautiful beaches, and our goal was to see as many on the south side as possible. We left Isabel Segunda and headed down island, entered the US Fish and Wildlife Reserve on the east side and took the road as far as we could. There are still some areas of Vieques off limits due to the cleanup of former military exercises (see a brief history here) and several of the beaches in this area were closed during our visit. It was a pretty, but bumpy ride through the Reserve and the area had an abundance of horses roaming around.

copyright Rum Therapy
We got a chance to peek at several beaches, including Pata Prieta, Red Beach (or Caracas Beach), Navio Beach, Media Luna and Sun Bay. Our favorites that day?

copyright Rum Therapy
Media Luna because it was shallow, sandy and calm…

copyright Rum Therapy
And Sun Bay. A beautiful long expanse of tan sand with calm clear water. Sun Bay also had a small restaurant/bar/gift shop and a bunch of wild horses meandering the area around the beach.

copyright Rum Therapy
copyright Rum Therapy
copyright Rum Therapy
After an hour or two in the surf and sun, we wandered into the small beachside town of Esparanza. The town was quiet and laid back – just the type of town we could see ourselves hanging around for a while. Thirsty, we stopped at a colorful place called Bananas for a beverage.

copyright Rum Therapy
Rum Punches were the Happy Hour special, so we ordered a couple.

copyright Rum Therapy
The drinks were delicious and the view across the street wasn’t bad either.

copyright Rum Therapy
We could have stuck around Bananas enjoying a few more cocktails and chatting with the locals and other visitors, but we were determined to find the black sand beach – and headed west. We took a hike down to the beach on a dry river bed and spent a couple of minutes enjoying the contrast of colors with the sand and the cliffs.

copyright Rum Therapy
The afternoon was flying by and we started back to Isabel Segunda to return the Jeep. We made a stop at Al’s Mar Azul (read more) to grab some dinner and a drink and enjoy a phenomenal sunset before heading back the the ferry for our ride back to the mainland.

copyright Rum Therapy
copyright Rum Therapy
As wonderful as our day on Vieques was, we just couldn’t squeeze everything we wanted to see into just one day, including more beach time, time to roam around some of the towns to check out the local shops, restaurants and bars, learn more about the history of the island, enjoy more wild horse sightings and take an evening excursion through the Bioluminescent Bay. Another visit of several days or more will remain on “our list”!

Have you been to Vieques? Tell us about it!

 Find Vieques on our Puerto Rico Map

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Culinary Walking Tour of Old San Juan

San Juan, Puerto Rico is known not only for its rich history and historical buildings and forts, but also for a delectable array of food offerings and restaurants.

During our recent visit to Puerto Rico, we jumped at the chance to take a culinary walking tour of  Old San Juan with Flavors of San Juan Food & Culture Tours. This tour was to be a 3 hour walking tour through Old San Juan which included tastings at different interesting restaurants as well as the chance to learn more about the architecture and history of Puerto Rico’s oldest city.

We were asked to meet our guide at the corner of San Justo and Rcinto Sur Streets and were told that we would know the right location when we spotted the sculpture of a cat/giraffe in front of Banco Popular.

copyright Rum Therapy

We met at the sculpture of a cat/giraffe in front of Banco Popular

It was there we met our tour guide Luli and where our group of ten embarked on a journey full of sensuous treats for our pallets and eyes.

copyright Rum Therapy

Luli – our tour guide

Luli explained that “Barriguita llena, corazón contento” or “Full belly, happy heart”  was a popular Puerto Rican saying and that she hoped we would experience this on our journey today. We began walking towards the first stop of the tour – Aromas Coffeehouse.

copyright Rum Therapy

Aromas Coffeehouse

At Aromas we were treated to a warm and creamy cup of Puerto Rican coffee and Mallorca with guava jelly – a delicious local sweet bread.

copyright Rum Therapy

A latte made with Puerto Rican coffee

copyright Rum Therapy

Mallorca with guava jelly

Onward we slowly wound our way through the magnificent buildings and blue cobblestone of Old San Juan with our knowledgeable guide highlighting many points of interest.

copyright Rum Therapy

Original blue cobblestone streets dating back to the 1700’s

copyright Rum Therapy
Next stop – Café El Punto, featuring fresh, authentic Puerto Rican cuisine with bright and lively, locally made masks and atrwork adorning the walls.

Here we savored the tastiest ceviche, and an alcapurria – a light and flaky pastry filled with ground beef but can also be filled with vegetables, shrimp or jueyes (a local crab). We washed it down with a frosty piña colada.

copyright Rum Therapy

Fresh Ceviche

copyright Rum Therapy


Next stop – a beautiful little restaurant close to Cathedral of San Juan Bautista called Rosa de Triana.

copyright Rum Therapy

Rosa de Triana

Here we got to mash our own plantains and experience Puerto Rico’s signature dish – Mofongo.

copyright Rum Therapy

Cooked plantains ready for mashing

We then filled our “plantain bowl” with a delicious mixture of chicken and spices and devoured our scrumptious Mofongo with a glass of sangria.

copyright Rum Therapy

Mashing the plantains

Full, but totally ready to sample the fare at our last stop, we leisurely made our way through Plaza de Armas,

copyright Rum Therapy

Child feeding pigeons in Plaza de Armas

and into Casa Cortés for….chocolate….

copyright Rum Therapy

Casa Cortés

The Casa Cortés slogan is “Where two great passions meet: Art and Chocolate”. The ChocoBar is downstairs, and upstairs in the recently refurbished building, there are two floors of beautiful paintings and artwork from Caribbean and Latin American artists.

copyright Rum Therapy

Chocolate delights at Casa Cortés

Several chocolate squares with cheese to dip in a warm cup of creamy hot chocolate and a churro later, we definitely had a full belly and a happy heart.

copyright Rum Therapy

Luli passing around Casa Cortes treats

We said goodbye to some new friends we made on the tour and our lovely tour guide, Luli, and headed back out on the streets of Old San Juan – full of excellent food and history of this vibrant city.

 The Old San Juan Food Tour is offered several times a day (except on Monday) and at the time of this writing, the cost for the tour is $69.99 per adult. There is some moderate walking involved. Included in the price: All food/drink tastings plus historical, cultural & architectural information and a savings guide for discounts at local businesses.

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What to See and Do in Cruz Bay, St. John

Cruz Bay is the active, yet laid back main town and port of St. John, US Virgin Islands. Here you will find most of the islands stores and restaurants and visitor services such as taxis and car rentals.

copyright Rum Therapy

Ferry Dock in Cruz Bay, St. John

Passenger ferries from either Charlotte Amalie or Red Hook on St. Thomas arrive and depart from the dock in Cruz Bay, bringing many people to the island throughout the day.  See ferry schedules here. Many people head directly for one of St. John’s gorgeous beaches and spend very little time in Cruz Bay, but if you have the time, there are many great things to experience right here.

copyright Rum Therapy

View of beautiful Cruz Bay

We’ve had the pleasure of visiting Cruz Bay quite a few times, and although we’ve yet to experience all that this fun & funky town has to offer, we’ve listed a few of our favorite attractions to date. Feel free to leave a comment below with some of your favorite things to see and do while visiting Cruz Bay, St. John.

copyright Rum Therapy

Map of Cruz Bay, St. John, USVI

We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite stops (so far) on the map above.

Upon arrival at the ferry dock, we usually head straight for the wonderful smelling St. John Spice, which can be found on the second floor of the building just to the right as you leave the dock.

copyright Rum Therapy

St. John Spice, Cruz Bay

Here you can find all sorts of spices, Cruz Bay Grill Rub, coffee, local cookbooks, island gifts, and island wear. St. John Spice also has a webcam that gives a real time view of the ferry dock and beautiful Cruz Bay. Tell your family and friends to watch for you as you enjoy yourself in paradise!

If you’ve worked up a thirst (or appetite) already, there are three great beach bar/restaurants right at the waters edge. High Tide, Joe’s Rum Hut and The Beach Bar all offer slightly different menus and drinks and all are great places to hang out, chat with locals and visitors, listen to some live music and admire the scenery.

copyright Rum Therapy

High Tide, Bar and Seafood Grill

copyright Rum Therapy

Joe’s Rum Hut

copyright Rum Therapy

The Beach Bar

From there we always try to make a stop at the Pink Papaya, a Caribbean Style Gallery that specializes in unique and unusual Caribbean style gifts including fine painting and jewelry from local artists.

A little more walking and we’re usually ready for a Love City Smoothie from Our Market Smoothies.
Cognac, Passionfruit, Strawberry and Rum – cold and delicious!

Want information on St. John National Parks? After all, much of this beautiful island has been designated as a National Park. Find out how to explore it at the National Park Service Visitor Center.

More shopping? No problem! Mongoose Junction on north side of Cruz Bay is a beautiful complex of intimate shops, restaurants and services. A few of our favorites here are:

Bajo el SolArt Gallery – featuring the works of several local artists.

copyright Rum Therapy

The Tap Room

The Tap Room – have you heard of St. John Brewers? Check out some of the tasty local beer crafted by Kevin and Cheech at this Island Microbrewery & Brew Pub.

Sun Dog Cafe – casual dining and a really good Sunday Brunch

Arawak Expeditions – looking for adventure? Check out their kayak, paddleboard, fly fish and snorkel expeditions!

Still have more time to explore? Here are a few more places that are on our Cruz Bay to-do list:

The Elaine Ione Sprauve Library & Museum – Find a great deal of information on St. John, the other American and British Virgin Islands and the Caribbean in general.

Quiet Mon’ Pub –  the best Island Irish Pub around!

Woody’s Seafood Saloon – good food and a great place to hang out!

copyright Rum Therapy

Cruz Bay, St. John

Whew. There you have it. Just a few ideas of what to see and do in Cruz Bay, St. John to help you plan for your next visit.

Tell us – What are some of your favorite Cruz Bay attractions?

Find Cruz Bay on our St. John Map

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What to See and Do in Marigot, St. Martin

The capital of the French side of St. Martin is the beautiful little town of Marigot. Lying between Simpson Bay and Grand Case, Marigot offers a multitude of things to explore, to see and to do.

(see our St. Maarten/St. Martin Map to find Marigot)

Marigot fringes Baie de Marigot, a popular harbor offering a calm anchorage to the many boaters that stay here. We’ve visited Marigot a couple of times now; once by boat and once while staying on island. The following are a few of the things we enjoyed during our visits.

copyright Rum Therapy
Marigot Market
In a square in the middle of Marigot, local vendors set up in an open air shop every day except Sunday. The best mornings to visit are Wednesday’s and Saturday’s when you’ll find the widest variety of items and shops. Find local art, many infused rhums, spices, fresh fruits, vegetables and fish and souvenirs.

copyright Rum Therapy
Infused rhums

copyright Rum Therapy
Spices at Kalina

Go early if you need to find parking and to walk through the booths before busloads of cruise ship passengers arrive.

copyright Rum Therapy
Restaurants, Bakeries and Drinks
After working up a thirst or hunger shopping at the Market, be sure to stop by one of the lovely outdoor cafe’s or restaurants some fresh local fare and to people watch

copyright Rum Therapy

Just off of Boulevard de France, behind the market, we found two places that we must mention. The Coconut Juice House is a great place to get fresh juice in a coconut, pina coladas or daiquiris and to talk to the owner “Coconut Man”. There you can watch him open the coconut with a machete and squeeze the sugar cane used in the drinks he makes.

copyright Rum Therapy
copyright Rum Therapy
We enjoyed a very cold pina colada which was so refreshing in the warm afternoon sun.

copyright Rum Therapy
Down the road from The Coconut House is a delectable French Bakery called Sarafina’s. If you like French pastries and cappuccino, you should plan to make a stop (or two) here. Read more about Sarafina’s in a previous post: Sarafina’s Bakery, Marigot, St. Martin

copyright Rum Therapy
Fort Louis
Once you’ve quenched your hunger and thirst, take a walk to Fort Louis, the largest historical monument in St. Martin. Fort Louis was built in 1767 to protect Marigot from invaders and now offers phenomenal views of Marigot and the surrounding areas as well as some very interesting local history.

Access a walking path in Marigot from Rue de la Republique (see map above) or drive to a parking lot just below the monument.

copyright Rum Therapy
copyright Rum Therapy
copyright Rum Therapy
copyright Rum Therapy

copyright Rum Therapy
A Few Other Things
The shopping is excellent in Marigot and you can find everything from souvenirs at the market to fine clothing, shoes and jewelry at the tony West Indies Mall. There are individual shops and art galleries scattered throughout the mid-town area as well.

A Ferry Terminal is located in Marigot with frequent departures to Anguilla and St. Barts. Parking is limited, so give yourself a little extra time if you need to leave your car in Marigot.

What are your favorite things to see and do in Marigot?


Find Marigot on our St. Maarten/St Martin Map

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The Last Resort, Bellamy Cay, BVI

The Last Resort, a great little restaurant and bar on Bellamy Cay, a small island in Trellis Bay, Beef Island, has been serving up great entertainment along with tasty drinks and food since the ’70’s.

The Last Resort has quite an interesting past. Tony Snell was a British Flight Lieutenant who, in 1943 was shot down in his Spitfire and escaped a German firing squad. After the war, he worked as an actor, songwriter and musician. In 1969, Tony and his wife Jackie moved to the British Virgin Islands where they eventually opened the original “Last Resort” on Little Jost. After just one year, The Last Resort on Little Jost burned to the ground. Tony and Jackie decided to move The Last Resort to Bellamy Cay, which, in itself, had quite a history – of pirates! While living in a houseboat in Trellis Bay, they constructed a new restaurant on Bellamy Cay.

When The Last Resort opened, Tony was in his element providing all of the entertainment with piano, guitar, harmonica and original songs. Jackie, took the roll of main cook.  There are stories – some of which are a bit unbelievable, but good stories nonetheless, of the many animals the Snell family kept on the little island, including parrots, a singing dog and wine and rum drinking donkeys! After a number of years, Tony and Jackie passed the reins to their children, Jessica and Jeremy.

copyright Rum TherapyThe Last Resort in 2006 with a donkey named Chocolate

In past visits to The Last Resort we’ve had a blast.

copyright Rum Therapy
Recently we enjoyed a great dinner with friends on the deck and then partook in some raucous entertainment with Al Broderick, aka, the Singing Chef, who successfully plied the audience with free shots to encourage participation. It worked.

copyright Rum Therapy
Customers singing for shots at The Last Resort

We finished off the evening with a pretty intense Foosball competition.

copyright Rum Therapy
Thankful we once again had a designated dinghy driver, we made our way back to our boat moored in Trellis Bay still singing  and laughing after a great night of fun.

copyright Rum Therapy
Apparently, The Last Resort has recently changed hands to a young couple by the name of Emily & Dylan  Burill. They are hoping to make the resort a bit more family friendly and have changed the menu and decor a bit. We’ve not been there under the new ownership yet, but the recent Last Resort reviews seem to be positive!  Have you been to the Last Resort and met Emily and Dylan?

Get to The Last Resort by dinghy if staying on a boat in Trellis Bay, or call for the ferry from Trellis Bay Dock opposite D’ Best Cup Cafe. Find The Last Resort on our Tortola Map

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What to See and Do in Philipsburg, St. Maarten

copyright Rum Therapy
Whether arriving by cruise ship or spending time on the island on St. Maarten/St. Martin,
Philipsburg, the capital of Dutch St. Maarten, offers a ton of fun things to see and do, most within view of the gorgeous blue water of Great Bay.

copyright Rum Therapy
Philipsburg is an area of only a few streets sandwiched between the Salt Pond and beautiful Great Bay. There are many shops, bars, restaurants and musicians lining the streets. Do you like to shop? You can find a lot of items in Philipsburg from inexpensive souvenirs to diamonds and watches. Want to find something to eat? There are a variety of options ranging from very casual to elegant and tony. Any good bars? Well, of course! The boardwalk especially is dotted with bars with a wide variety of great tropical concoctions.

copyright Rum Therapy

copyright Rum Therapy
With the ability to dock 6+ large cruise liners and the addition in recent years of a wonderful boardwalk that is about 50 ft. wide and nearly as long as the waterfront of Great Bay, Philipsburg really caters to it’s visitors. From the cruise ships you can either walk down a lovely palm lined path or take a short water taxi ride to town. If staying on island, there are several fairly large parking lots.

copyright Rum Therapy
Looking for a few ideas of what to see and do while visiting Philipsburg? These are a few things that we’ve enjoyed during our visits there.

copyright Rum Therapy
1. The Beach

Although it can be just as busy as many of the other beautiful beaches in St. Maarten/St.Martin, Great Bay has gorgeous blue water, a calm surf and a variety of places to rent beach chairs and umbrellas. Plus you’re really close to some good bars, restaurants and shops when you need a break from the sun.

copyright Rum Therapy
The turquoise blue water of Great Bay.

2. Eat & Drink

copyright Rum Therapy

The majority of bars and restaurants line the boardwalk and offer a great view of the beach, surrounding hills and cruise ships. Each have their own tropical specialties.

copyright Rum Therapy
Boardwalk Breeze at the Blue Bitch Bar

copyright Rum Therapy
Pizza at Taloula Mango’s

copyright Rum Therapy
Grab a $.99 beer at the Barefoot Bar to enjoy while walking the Boardwalk. The Barefoot Restaurant also serves up some excellent roti – mmm…roti…

copyright Rum Therapy
Enjoy some good food and drink at Big Wood Grill on the Boardwalk, but don’t ask for a BBD if you are easily offended!

copyright Rum Therapy
Walk through Big Wood Grill to get to Juggie’s Place, The Smallest Bar in the World!

copyright Rum Therapy
Juggie’s Place on Front Street behind Big Wood Grill

copyright Rum Therapy
Casual dining right on the beach at Chez Delphine

copyright Rum Therapy
Stop, buy a cold drink and chat with some of the local vendors on the Boardwalk.

3. Shop

Front street and the connecting streets between the Boardwalk, Front and Back street have a large variety of shops carrying local crafts, souvenirs, liquor and more expensive items.

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There are several liquor stores that carry a good selection of rums that we can’t find at home, so we usually buy a bottle or two to bring back with us.

And of course, be sure to stop at the Guavaberry Emporium on Front Street to sample different guavaberry rums, liquors and hot sauces. Be sure to try a Guavaberry Colada – so refreshing!

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copyright Rum Therapy
Direction sign next to the Guavaberry Emporium

So there you have it. Some of the things we’ve experienced and enjoyed during our visits to Philpsburg – so far. What have you enjoyed there?

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Find Philipsburg on our St. Maarten/St. Martin Map

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Rum Therapy On St. John

Although the smallest of the three US Virgin Islands, St. John has a tremendous amount of things to do and see, or plenty of space to stretch out and do nothing at all, if that’s what you’re looking for!

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During a recent visit, we took an early morning car ferry from Red Hook, St. Thomas to St. John. The car ferry is a good option if you’ve rented a car on St. Thomas and have plenty of time – just check with your car rental company to make sure they allow it.

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Car Ferry from Red Hook, St. Thomas to St. John

St John 2 (a) (500)
Lovely Cruz Bay, St. John. Cruz Bay is where the ferries arrive and depart.

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Right off of the passenger ferry dock you’ll find a number of great beach bars and fun stores. During this trip, we made a stop at St. John Spice (upper level) and Bones Rum (1st level).

Take a hike down the beach and stop for a drink at:

St John 3 (500)
High Tide

copyright Rum Therapy
Joe’s Rum Hut, or

copyright Rum Therapy
The Beach Bar.

Cruz Bay has a lot of other great restaurant, bar and shopping options – there’s literally something for everyone. We headed up the hill on 20 toward the north side beaches and stopped at the Cruz Bay overlook for a pic.

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Then took a hike down through the forest to check out Salomon (Solomon) Bay and Honeymoon Beach.

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Salomon (Solomon) Bay

copyright Rum Therapy
Honeymoon Beach

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We continued on 20 past Caneel Bay

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And stopped at Hawksnest Bay Beach to lounge in the water for a while

copyright Rum Therapy
Climbed Peace Hill to check out the ruins and the gorgeous views…

Then lingered for a while at the popular Trunk Bay Overlook for a picture of the spectacular bay.

copyright Rum Therapy
Trunk Bay

copyright Rum Therapy
And snorkeled at the Trunk Bay Underwater Snorkel Trail

copyright Rum Therapy
Stopped at Cinnamon Bay to put our toes in the sand

copyright Rum Therapy
Checked out beautiful Maho Bay for the first time

St John 15 (500)
And peaceful Francis Bay.

We took our time looking around Coral Bay.

copyright Rum Therapy
Enjoying a very tasty Jazz Brunch at Miss Lucy’s

copyright Rum Therapy
and later an extremely tasty hamburger and rum drinks at Skinny Legs.

We hiked the Salt Pond Trail to Drunk Bay

St John 19 (500)
to check out some interesting coral sculptures that other visitors have created…

copyright Rum Therapy
And took one last chance to wade in the clear, blue water of Salt Pond Bay. Reluctantly, we headed back to the ferry,  a bit more tan and a lot more relaxed…

There you have it. A few of our favorite experiences from our last (much too short) visit to St. John. We’ll most certainly be going back, so, what have we missed? What are your favorite things to see and do on St. John?


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Sint Maarten Yacht Club Bar & Restaurant

 Several years ago while sailing out of Simpson Bay lagoon through the Simpson Bay Drawbridge, we saw what seemed to be a bar/grill with an excellent deck overlooking the bay and the bridge.

copyright Rum Therapy
copyright Rum Therapy
It looked like a great place to enjoy a beverage while watching the boats and yachts, so we decided on a return trip to St. Maarten/St. Martin, to check it out.

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Located right at the base of the drawbridge, Sint Maarten Yacht Club Bar and Restaurant can be accessed by car (limited parking next to the building), by dinghy (tie up on their dock) or by walking if staying in the area.

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They have indoor/outdoor seating and we ordered a few brews on special for happy hour then grabbed a few chairs on the deck overlooking the bridge and lagoon.

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As it got closer to the time that the drawbridge was set to open, the deck really filled up with patrons. While enjoying the view and the beverages, we made a few new friends from North Carolina (note the Rum Bum Cap!)

copyright Rum Therapy
We really enjoyed watching the huge yachts make their way back to the lagoon before sunset.

Great view, good cold drinks and good conversation with fellow boaters and travelers – not a bad place to spend an evening!

To find out more, check out their Facebook page here:
Sint Maarten Yacht Club Bar & Restaurant

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