A Fascination With Sandbars

I admit it. I’m fascinated with sandbars. I already have an affinity for gorgeous beaches, but sandbars; the ones with glistening white sand surrounded by shallow, clear, blue, blue water…ahhh…

I know, I know, they are simply areas of sand slightly higher than the shallow water around it and many just appear during low tide – for heavens sake they’re not even big enough to be called an island or cay, but something about them makes me want to go running, splashing and exploring. Or, to bring out a comfortable chair and veg among the sand and shallow sea. Or to have a picnic. Or to have a few rum drinks. I’m flexible.

Anyway, the prettiest sandbars we’ve had the chance to enjoy so far are the ones we’ve run across in the Bahamas (like the one pictured in The Abacos) and in Turks and Caicos – but we have many areas still to explore…

So tell us. Have you explored any particularly beautiful sandbars? Let us know where to find them!

Sandbar-1--(600)-OSandbar at low tide just off of Leeward Beach in Treasure Cay, Abaco

Find the Leeward Beach sandbar on our Bahamas Map

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