Soggy Dollar Radio

Today we heard from Jamie Gladman, one of the organizers of the Love City Country Music Festival, who also happens to be the General Manager of Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke. He told us that Soggy Dollar has just launched it’s own radio station called Soggy Dollar Radio.

According to Jamie, the eclectic mix is intended to remind listeners of their time spent at the Soggy long after they’ve returned home. Jamie says, “Give it 5 songs and you’ll be hooked”.

So, in between trips to paradise, you can tune in to Soggy Dollar Radio, turn on the Soggy Dollar Webcam and imagine yourself right here, sipping a Painkiller of course…

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National Rum Day

Today is National Rum Day. Rum. That’s right, Rum has it’s own day.

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Finding the Rhum on St. Barths

When we started the company Rum Therapy in 2010, we knew little more about rum than it was an ingredient in some of our favorite island cocktails; piña coladas, rum punch and painkillers, oh and bushwackers – can’t forget bushwackers… And that rum appeared in the lyrics of many Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffett songs. And that wherever you go in the islands, there’s rum.
That’s it.

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Painkillers at the Soggy Dollar, Jost Van Dyke

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Since then, we’ve learned a lot more. I mean, when you start with virtually no knowledge of a subject, you’ve got a ways to go. We’re not experts by any means, like our friend Dave Russell of Rum Gallery, but we’ve learned more about how rum is distilled and different types of rum and what rums are good for sipping or mixing in cocktails and although it’s not our goal to become rum experts, we’re certainly up for the challenge of learning more about this spirit with a long and storied history.

Rum Punch at Happy Island, The Grenadines

So, we’ll continue to do the research (best done in the islands on beautiful beach or at a great beach bar or on a boat, don’t you think?) with the hope of continuing to provide the best rum experiences possible (cocktail recipes, best beach bars, best locations to sip tropical libations, distillery tours, etc., etc., etc.)

In the meantime, be sure to check out the plethora of rum recipes available on our website either by category or by picture (prepare to drool just a little):

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So today, let’s lift our glasses (of rum) to Rum.
Cheers Rum!

Rum Drinks at Hog Heaven, Virgin Gorda

White Bay, Jost Van Dyke

There are a few beaches that we’ve come across in our travels that simply take our breath away and White Bay, Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands is definitely one of them.

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With powder soft white sand and turquoise blue, clear water set off by lush foliage, it is truly a tropical paradise.

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In addition to its incredible beauty, White Bay is home to some of the best beach bars around, such as One Love Bar & Grill
, Gertrude’s, Soggy Dollar, and Ivan’s Stress Free Bar. (See more about Jost Van Dyke Beach Bars here: Bar Hopping On Jost Van Dyke)

Separated in the middle by a rocky outcropping, it’s well worth the hike to go from one end to the other checking out the people, the scenery and ALL of the bars! (be sure to wear shoes or sandals when crossing the outcropping. There is a cement stairway over the top of it, but there are some sharp rocks to navigate on Ivan’s side)

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Getting there: Get to White Bay via boat, taxi over from Great Harbour, or rent a jeep from Great Harbour (the adventurous, non-inebriated, very fit or frugal individuals can walk over the hill from Great Harbour. We hiked it once…)

Beach: beautiful white sand with gradual access. Great for swimming in the quieter areas (watch for boats – White Bay can get very busy with boats, especially in the afternoon), snorkel by the rocks on the east end.

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Recommended for:
well, anyone that loves a beautiful beach…

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because of the popularity of the beach bars on White Bay (especially Soggy Dollar), it can get very busy in the afternoon. If you like a party, you’ll love to be there at the busy time. If you’d rather experience White Bay when it’s quieter, consider visiting in the early morning, or later in the evening when the day crowds have gone home. Here are a just a few pictures taken during some of the quieter moments…

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And top off a perfect beach day with a perfect sunset…

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Bar Hopping on Jost Van Dyke

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White Bay

For an island with only a few hundred full time inhabitants and nicknamed The Barefoot Island for it’s laid back attitude, Jost Van Dyke has some of the best beach bars in the Caribbean and it would be a shame to miss any of them! While staying on Jost for a week last fall, we attempted to visit them all – some of them more than once! Here’s a listing of the ones we found. We’ve listed them starting at the west end of  White Bay and working our way across the island.

One Love Bar and Grill – try the Lobster Quesadilla’s and a Bushwacker. Check out Seddy’s magic tricks.

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One Love Bar and Grill

Jewel’s Snack Shack – stop by Jewel’s for a tasty hamburger, fries and rum punch before heading down the beach!

Gertrude’s – gotta try a BBC (Bailey’s Banana Colada). It’s rumored to be the best BBC on the island.

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A BBC at Gertrude’s

Soggy Dollar Bar if you haven’t heard of the Soggy Dollar Bar yet, well…really??? Jump off of your boat and swim in, using your soggy dollars to buy their signature drink “The Painkiller”. Can be a huge party in the afternoon with scores of thirsty partiers coming over on day trips from neighboring islands. Try your luck at the Ring on the Hook game. If staying on island, be sure to stop by the Soggy early in the morning or later in the evening to swing in the hammocks and enjoy a quiet tropical paradise. Call for reservations for dinner – beautiful setting and very good food.

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Painkillers at Soggy Dollar Bar

Hendo’s Hideout during our last visit to JVD we noticed a new building going up next to Soggy Dollar. This has since opened to good reviews as a new bar called Hendo’s Hideout. We haven’t had a chance to visit yet, but hope to soon.

Hendo's Hideout - copyright Rum TherapyHendo’s Hideout before it opened

Ivan’s Stress Free Bar – take a short hike over a rocky outcropping and make your way over to Ivan’s. Stress Free for sure, enjoy a cold beer, or whatever…anything tastes great here. Check out the barbecue on Thursday nights (seasonal) and live music. Celebs have been known to drop by and jam with owner/musician Ivan Chinnery.

Ivan's Stress Free Bar - copyright Rum Therapy
Ivan’s Stress Free Bar

Corsair’s  – head on over the hill from Ivan’s (or better yet, call Bunn’s Taxi) and stop at Corsair’s for Wench Juice or a Pirate Punch. Order pizza to be delivered and if you’re brave, try the Pirate Sandwich for breakfast (toast, peanut butter, cheese, onion and fried egg with a shot of flavored rum)

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Ali Baba’s – Great place to hang out in the morning enjoying a cup of coffee. Come back later in the afternoon for a refreshing rum drink and a 2 hole chip and putt golf course on the beach…

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“Golf Course” by Ali Baba’s

Foxy’s Tamarind Bar  at the far end of Great Harbour sits Foxy’s.

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Foxy is a fixture in his own bar and can frequently be found serenading and weaving a tale for his patrons. In addition to some very delicious signature rum drinks, Foxy sells bottles of his own rum – Foxy’s Firewater Rum in his gift shop – the Foxhole. We especially enjoyed the “Dread Fox” – made with his own rum and “Foxy’s Punch” which includes a mango float. On Friday and Saturday night, Foxy’s has a BBQ and live music.

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Foxy’s Dread Fox

Sydney’s Peace and Love – Make your way up and over the hill to Little Harbour and pull in to Sydney’s Peace and Love. Help yourself to a beer or mixed drink at the honor bar and be sure to sign the wall.

Harris’s Place – stop by Harris’s place and have Cynthia, the owner, make you one of her fabulous Bushwacker’s. Tasty and potent and Cynthia is a a ton of fun to visit. Come back later for a sumptuous Caribbean Lobster Dinner next to the water.

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Cynthia with a tasty Bushwhacker

Abe’s by the Sea – good West Indian cuisine and a pig roast on Wednesday’s. Quiet place to sit and enjoy a beverage.

Foxy’s Taboo – To get to the last stop on our Jost Van Dyke Bar Crawl, head over the hill past East End Harbour and pull in to Foxy’s Taboo.

Foxy’s Taboo is also owned by Foxy Callwood and is said to be named after his dog, Taboo. Great covered patio overlooking Diamond Cay. Try the Taboo Burger and an ice cold beer or enjoy a beverage sitting on the dock and watching the fish and stingrays swim by.

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Foxy’s Taboo

So now that we’ve made our way across the entire Barefoot Island, pull up a chair, grab a beer here at Foxy’s Taboo and tell us – which bars have you had a chance to enjoy on Jost Van Dyke?


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