21 Places to Explore on the Island of St. Thomas

Staying on St. Thomas and looking for some ideas of what to do while there? Although it’s hard to list all of the attractions on this pretty, but busy island, here is a list of 21 Places to Explore on the Island of St. Thomas to help you start your planning!

Starting from the airport and traveling west, the list takes you clockwise around the island.

1. Brewer’s Bay. A pretty beach close to Cyril E. King airport and just across from the University of the Virgin Islands. Go for smaller crowds, spectacular sunset, local food trucks and to see occasional airplanes landing.

2. Overlook of airport from 30. From Brewer’s Bay, head up the hill on 30 to a small overlook of the airport. On a clear day you can see all the way to St. Croix!

3. Hike to Mermaid’s Chair. A somewhat strenuous hike brings you to a beautiful strip of beach that separates the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Be sure to time your visit to arrive at low tide – otherwise the strip of beach may be underwater!

4. Stumpy Bay. Not easy to get to (Four-wheel drive needed for a very bumpy road), but those that have made the journey have reported that the deserted beach at Stumpy Bay is lovely, quiet and serene…ahhh…

5. Neltjeberg Bay. Accessed only by sea or by a long hike from Dorthea Beach, Neltjeberg is considered by some as one of the islands most beautiful and secluded spots. Explore the nearby Neltjeberg Ruins, an 18th century sugar cane plantation that was devastated by a powerful hurricane in 1867 (the same hurricane that sunk the HMS Rhone at Salt Island).

6. Hull Bay. A quiet little beach fringed with seagrape trees. Hull Bay Hideway, a bar & grill just off the beach, is a great place to get fish tacos and a cold beer.

7. Mountain Top. Can be extremely busy when a lot of cruise ships are in port, but we thought Mountain Top was worth a visit due to it’s great view of Magens Bay and a plethora of Cruzan Rums for purchase. Sip on a Banana  Daiquiri while enjoying the view.

8. Tree Limin’ Extreme.  Zipline through lush foliage with spectacular views of Magens Bay and other islands at Tree Limin’ Extreme. A little adrenaline and a lot of fun!

9. Drake’s Seat. Yet another phenomenal view of Megans Bay and beyond. The bench is named after Sir Francis Drake who is said to have climbed to this point to identify potential ships to plunder.

10. Magens Bay. Frequently listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, this one mile stretch of white sand is fringed with verdant hills and palm trees. Megans Bay is a very popular beach and can get very crowded. Go early or later in the afternoon to enjoy the beauty with less people.

11. Skyline Overlook. Offers a panoramic view of Charlotte Amalie, Water Island and Hassel Island.

12. Mahogany Run Golf Course . Scenic and challenging, this Tom Fazio designed course is nestled between the green hills and beautiful shoreline on the North side. Test your skills on the Devil’s Triangle – a challenging 3 hole stretch that includes a par 3 hole situated 200 feet over a rocky inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. Didn’t bring your clubs? No problem, they can provide complete rental sets and hopefully lots of extra golf balls.

13. Coki Point & Coral World. Experience sea turtles, sharks and stingrays and more in this 5 acre marine park. Afterwards, spend time swimming and snorkeling on Coki Beach.

14. Lindquist Beach at Smith Bay. Recently renovated with restrooms and showers. Although it’s gotten busier, this, in my opinion is still one of the prettiest beaches on the island.

15. Duffy’s Love Shack. The best parking lot bar in the world! Order one of their specialties like a Lime in Dee Coconut or Shark Tank (served in a fish bowl!)

16. Iggie’s Beach Bar & Grill. Go for live entertainment, Wednesday night Carnival Night, Full Moon Parties and Voodoo Juice…

17. Skyride at Paradise Point. Great view and Bushwackers!

18. Yacht Haven Grande. Check out the little boats (wink, wink) and pick up a trinket or two at the high end shops.

19. Blackbeard’s Castle. Take a guided walking tour of this historic 5 acre site to learn about the different buildings dating back to the 1600’s and the islands pirate legacy.

20. Rum Island Pub. Great little bar in Drake’s Passage, home of Husband Day Care, try their RIP (Rum Island Punch).

21. Bones Rum.  Stop by for a pour-your-own rum drink and be sure to take some Bones Rum home with you – it’s not available outside of St. Thomas yet!

Ready for a day excursion or tour while on St Thomas? Check out some great ideas here!

What’s your favorite thing to do on St. Thomas? Tell us about it!

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Taking the Sea Plane from St. Thomas to St. Croix

“Port to port with no airport” is the phrase used by Seaborne Airlines representative Angelia when spoke to her about the short flight on a sea plane from Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas to Christiansted Harbor in St. Croix.

Sea Plane - copyright Rum Therapy
And sure enough, we conveniently boarded the sea plane from a dock in Charlotte Amalie, received our flight safety information from the pilot while in the cockpit, then skimmed over the water of the harbor, passing boats and buoys, taking off on our way to St. Croix.

20 minutes later, after a smooth and scenic flight, we descended into Christiansted Harbor, gently touching down on the water and then pulling up to the dock to de-plane.

No airports – no fuss and there we were, just feet from the boardwalk in Christiansted! How convenient is that? 

From there, we were able to walk right down the boardwalk to our hotel in Christiansted without having to rent a car or get a taxi – although both are available right at the Seaborne Terminal as well, if needed!

Boardwalk St Croix - copyright Rum Therapy
Check out the Seaborne Airlines website for more information on the Sea Plane flight from St. Thomas to St Croix and other flights available.

Sea Plane, St Croix - copyright Rum Therapy
A special thanks to Seaborne Airlines for providing our flight from St. Thomas to St. Croix! 

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Presidential Election Cocktail Menu at Bolongo Bay

This presidential election season, the Caribbean’s most entertaining Super PAC (Party Action Committee), Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, is letting constituents vote with their taste buds. Located in the US Virgin Islands, St Thomas is a US territory. While citizens of the US territory don’t have the right to vote, they still have the right to assemble. In island tradition, that’s still a great reason to party. Lobbyists and pollsters can stay back on the mainland because Bolongo Bay’s mixologists have created a ballot of campaign cocktails for all to enjoy.

Bolongo Bay Cocktail

Available now through Election Day, this special menu lets guests rally for their favorite affiliation, the Cocktail Party. Bolongo Bay will host an Election Night Party on November 8, 2016, featuring all-American food, Presidente beer buckets, live music and its widescreen televisions tuned in for results. Once the president-elect is announced, Bolongo Bay will continue to serve his or her “namesake” beverage through Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017.

Bolongo Bay’s 2016 Presidential Campaign Cocktail Menu includes:

  • Trumpical Punch: This swirl of controversy mixes up USVI strawberry and raspberry rum, topped with a comb over of cranberry juice. Served on the rocks, it’s going to be “huuuuge” and “make America great again.”
  • Chillary: Coconut rum, blue curacao, splash of pineapple juice and coconut cream become “stronger together” when shaken. Unlike 33,000 emails, this is served uncharacteristically straight-up.
  • Rum for the Border: Can’t handle the craziness? Start a new life with this mix of coconut, pineapple, citrus and banana rums and fruit punch for the win.
  • Screw’d Either Way: If the final two candidates lack “ap-peel” let this mix of orange vodka, orange juice and a splash of Sprite drown the sorrows. Served on the rocks…with a chaser of “hard place.”
  • Server Dilemma: The secret is out…banana liquor, blackberry brandy and pineapple juice with a splash of grenadine. Served on the rocks, it can only be ordered through Iggies private email server.
  • Under Audit: The ingredients are under audit. Happens every year. Surely everyone understands. While this information is classified, Bolongo Bay is willing to release them, but only to guests who visit.

    Known as the Caribbean’s most entertaining beach resort, Bolongo Bay Beach Resort in St Thomas offers 365 days of fun, sun and rum year round. Find out more on the Bolongo Bay website.

The Two Best Reasons To Take the Skyride to Paradise Point, St. Thomas

At first glance, the Skyride to Paradise Point in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas could appear to be a bit of a tourist trap. Situated not far from the main cruise ship dock, the entrance beckons to the millions of visitors that stroll through Havensight Mall during a cruise stop every year.

Paradise Point, St. Thomas copyright Rum Therapy
Yes, there are shops at the top of the attraction, as well as performing birds and nature trails to explore, but in our opinion, there are two really good reasons to spend $21.00 (price of an adult round trip ticket as of this writing) to take the Skyride 700 ft. up, to the top of Paradise Point.

Paradise Point, St. Thomas copyright Rum Therapy
It takes approximately 14 minutes to board and ride to the top. Along the way, passengers are treated to views of the harbor, surrounding islands and beautiful homes on the hill below.

Paradise Point, St. Thomas copyright Rum Therapy
Paradise Point, St. Thomas copyright Rum Therapy
Paradise Point, St. Thomas copyright Rum Therapy
Paradise Point, St. Thomas copyright Rum Therapy
After the short, comfortable and scenic ride, passengers disembark and are welcomed to paradise.

And the two reasons we feel it’s worth taking the Skyride to the top of Paradise Point?

First off, from the top, visitors are treated to absolutely amazing views.

Paradise Point, St. Thomas copyright Rum Therapy
The views of Charlotte Amalie, the cruise ships in port and areas far beyond are simply spectacular. Sit and watch as sea planes land and take off, boats come and go and people – looking like ants far below, walk around in the warm sunshine.

Paradise Point, St. Thomas copyright Rum Therapy
The second reason?

Paradise Point is known for it’s version of the delicious frozen rum drink called the Bushwacker. We first sampled this potent rum delight many years ago during our first trip to the top op Paradise Point and never forgot it…

Paradise Point, St. Thomas copyright Rum Therapy
Coconut rum, chocolate, Kahlua, Amaretto and Bailey’s – what’s not to like? And Paradise Point makes a good one. Or maybe it’s the combination of the Bushwacker with that view? Either way, we’ve enjoyed 3 trips to the top (with a Bushwaker, of course!) and probably would do it again if the opportunity arises.

Paradise Point, St. Thomas copyright Rum Therapy
Have you taken the Skyride to the top of Paradise Point and enjoyed a Bushwacker? Tell us about it!

Paradise Point, St. Thomas copyright Rum Therapy
Find the Skyride to Paradise Point on our St. Thomas Map

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Our Day with Wreck Life Adventure Center, St. Thomas

In the past, we’ve visited Jost Van Dyke while on a sail trip or via ferry, and during our recent stay in the USVI, we had a hankering to jet over to Jost Van Dyke to check out the new Ivan’s and enjoy a Painkiller – or two, on White Bay. Instead of taking the ferry over, we thought we’d see if we could hook up with a company that offered day excursions to JVD. A friend suggested Wreck Life Adventure Center, and owners John & Laurel Webb were able to squeeze us in for the day.

Wreck-Life-Headquarter - copyright Rum Therapy
The Wreck Life Headquarters are located in Compass Point Marina which is on the east end of St. Thomas not far from Red Hook. We got there early, anticipating a fun day on the water and were greeted by John who goes by “Big Country”. Now, you just can’t help but smile when you meet Big Country. He’s a tall guy with a huge smile who loves joke around and tell stories, and we instantly felt part of the Wreck Life family.

John Webb - copyright Rum Therapy

John Webb (aka Big Country)

Our full day excursion started at about 8:30 am and we grabbed our gear and headed to the dock. Their brand new 31′ Island Runner with a center console is arriving any day now, so we boarded the boat normally used for their dive excursions for our day on the water.

What we thought would be just a trip over to Jost turned into an excellent day of exploration – topped off with plenty of time to enjoy White Bay and a few Painkillers… Wreck Life does an excellent job of finding out what your interests are and matching it with an perfect adventure on, and in the water.

Here are just a few highlights of our day with Wreck Life!

Wreck Life Adventure Center - copyright Rum Therapy
Peter Bay, St John

Driving by the North Shore St John beaches for some photo ops, a different way of seeing the gorgeous beaches and learning more about the area (like where’s Kenny Chesney’s house?)

Waterlemon Cay, St. John - copyright Rum Therapy
Waterlemon Cay, St. John 

Excellent snorkeling at Waterlemon Cay (snorkel equipment was provided), where we spotted the usual snorkeling suspects (such as Sergeant Majors and Parrotfish), and other rather uncommon snorkeling sights for us (nurse shark, sand diver, an eel and living coral!)

Nurse Shark - copyright Rum Therapy
Nurse Shark

Sand Diver - copyright Rum Therapy
Sand Diver

Snorkeling at Waterlemon, St. John - copyright Rum Therapy
Colorful “living coral!

Entering the British Virgin Islands at Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke (John took care of all of the entry paperwork while we enjoyed the view)

Great Harbour, JVD - copyight Rum Therapy
Lunch at Foxy’s (Roti and Rum – yum), and a chat with Foxy!

Foxy - copyright Rum Therapy
And then to top off the day – a short boat ride over to White Bay where we spent the rest of the afternoon walking from Ivan’s to One Love and enjoying time in the beautiful White Bay water.

Ivan's JVD - copyright Rum Therapy
Ivan’s New Building

One Love, JVD - copyright Rum Therapy
One Love

Wreck-Life-copyright Rum Therapy
An afternoon enjoying the water of White Bay

The day was great and we loved the fact that the trip was catered to exactly what we wanted to do. Big Country would have accommodated most anything else we would have liked to pack into the fun day such as a stop at Sandy Spit or Sandy Cay – but we thought our personalized excursion was perfect just the way it was…

Wreck-Life-copyright Rum Therapy
Have you done a Scuba Trip or Excursion with Wreck Life Adventure Center? Tell us about it!

To get more info on chartering a scuba trip or one of their personalized day excursions, contact Wreck Life by email at [email protected], check out their website and be sure to follow them on Facebook!

Find Wreck Life on our St. Thomas Map

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Tree Limin’ Extreme – Ziplining in St. Thomas

We arrived early on a Monday morning at Tree Limin’ Extreme to try out their zipline experience, currently listed as the #1 Outdoor Activity in St. Thomas on Trip Advisor. Thinking the skies would be clearest and the photo ops the best first thing in the morning, we requested an early time slot. Since we had a rental car the week we were in St. Thomas and were staying on the south side of the island, we left pretty early for our 8:20 am requested time of arrival.

This was not our first time ziplining; we’d ziplined once in Kauai and once in Jamaica, and even though we were not new to this type of experience, we were still  just a tad bit apprehensive.

Once we got there, we checked in and were greeted by our guides for the day – Kyle and Leon.

Tree Limin' Extreme - copyright Rum Therapy
Both super friendly, they immediately drew us in with their gregarious personalities.

Tree Limin' Extreme - copyright Rum Therapy
Leon helping our group with their gear.

Our group of 7 had a lot of questions, and they took the time to make sure everyone felt at ease as we got strapped in for our ride high atop St. Thomas.

Tree Limin' Extreme - copyright Rum Therapy
Don’t forget to rub the lucky coconut!

We all rubbed the lucky coconut to ensure our safe return, then made our way up to the Pinzgauer, the rugged vehicle that took us up the steep embankment to the first line.

Tree Limin' Extreme - copyright Rum Therapy
Once at the top, Leon and Kyle gave us our instructions, a safety briefing and one last chance to change our mind about the whole thing. No one chickened out, and although the adrenaline was pumping, we all climbed the steps to the first zip.

Tree Limin' Extreme - copyright Rum Therapy

Our Zipline Experience Video
(if you don’t have your own Go Pro, you can rent one at the desk to film your own experience!)

There are 6 ziplines and 2 sky bridges (suspension bridges) on the course as well as absolutely stunning views of Magens Bay and the islands surrounding St. Thomas.

Tree Limin' Extreme - copyright Rum Therapy
Sky Bridge #1

The ziplines take you through the dense jungle where we spotted quite a few iguanas hanging out in the trees and enjoyed the serenade of coki frogs and tropical birds.

Each line is different, and our guides would give us tips on getting the most out of each one. Both Leon and Kyle (ok, mostly Leon) encouraged us to scream like crazy as we were zipping to scare the zippers behind us, and some of us (we won’t name names here) had no problem complying, whether it was voluntary or not…

Tree Limin' Extreme - copyright Rum Therapy

The views were amazing everywhere we looked and we enjoyed reading the island information printed on the signs on each platform.

Tree Limin' Extreme - copyright Rum Therapy
View of Magens Bay from one of the platforms

Tree Limin' Extreme - copyright Rum Therapy
The sign on one of the platforms above Megans Bay

We got to the last line way too soon. Even though the tour takes between 2 – 2.5 hours, we were having such a great time that the time just “zipped” by.

Tree Limin' Extreme - copyright Rum Therapy
Sky Bridge #2

Tree Limin' Extreme - copyright Rum Therapy
A rainbow over our last zipline

The last line was interesting. It was preceded by the second and highest sky bridge. The drop looked to be the greatest of the 6 and this one didn’t end on a regular platform at the end. Once we stepped off the platform, we flew quickly down through the jungle and then yo-yoed back and forth a few times before being guided down a platform ladder in the middle of the line.

Tree Limin' Extreme - copyright Rum Theapy
The last zipline

We watched from below as the rest of our party came in for a landing, then headed down the path with visions of the fun experience still fresh on our minds.

What did we like best about our Tree Limin’ Adventure? Our guides were great and made us feel extremely safe and comfortable – even while hurling ourselves off a platform into the trees! They followed the safety procedures to a “T”, and took the time to answer any questions our group had. The views were spectacular and may have been worth the price of admission alone. And the best part of it all was just the chance to enjoy the beauty of St. Thomas while experiencing an adrenaline rush through the lush tropics of the island…

Tree Limin' Extreme - copyright Rum Therapy

Have you ziplined with Tree Limin’ Extreme? Tell us about it!

To find out more about the zipline experience and how to book  your own adventure, go to the Tree Limin’ Extreme Website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Find Tree Limin’ Extreme on our St. Thomas Map

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Rum Island Pub, an Island Oasis in the Middle of Charlotte Amalie

Looking for a bar with a good beach vibe to sit and enjoy a cold drink while exploring Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas? You might want to try Rum Island Pub – a bar in the middle of Drake’s Passage that feels like a little island oasis in the middle of a bustling town.

Rum Island Pub - copyright Rum Therapy
We visited Rum Island Pub a few weeks ago as we wanted to find out more about this bar that has “rum” in its name. It had to be good with rum in its name, right? Well it was.

Rum Island Pub - copyright Rum Therapy
Trish and Doug (CeeBass), some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, are the owners of this unique bar that sits in a passageway of Charlotte Amalie called Drake’s Passage.

Drake's Passage - copyright Rum Therapy
Rum Island Pub consists of a covered open air bar with additional outdoor seating and a great gift shop with lots of locally made items including apparel, jewelry, art, photos, lotions and even hot sauce.

Rum Island Pub Gift Shop - copyright Rum Therapy
Rum Island Pub is also the location of the one and only Husband Day Care. This is one place guys surely won’t mind hanging out while their ladies shop. Enjoy a few rum drinks or St. John Brewers beers, listen to some good music, chat with other day care patrons and enjoy the warm Rum Island breeze while you wait. Be sure to get a picture in front of the Husband Day Care sign to show your friends how you got to spend the day.

Husband Day Care - copyright Rum Therapy
Rum Island Pub was under a different name when Trish and CeeBass took it over a few years ago. The location has a pretty long bar history in fact, as it was formerly the site of the first Duffy’s Love Shack (now in Red Hook) until Hurricane Marilyn came along in 1995 and deposited a large boat on top of it. The building was re-built and is now the perfect spot for Rum Island Pub.



Rum Island Pub - copyright Rum Therapy
What drinks to try? We each sampled (ok, drained) a signature drink called the RIP – Rum Island Punch. The RIP comes with instructions from the bartender (order one to find out what they are!) and they’re delicious. A mixture of Cruzan rums and fruit juices with a floater of 151 to finish the job; these babies are tasty and potent.

Rum Island Pub - copyright Rum Therapy
We also sampled one of their Famous Nutwackers – a bushwacker with peanut butter & chocolate…needless to say it was also a hit.

Stop by the island – Rum Island that is, and say hi to Trish and CeeBass on your next visit to St. Thomas. Pull up a chair at the bar, try a delicious Rum Island Pub rum drink, check out the local VI crafts in their shop, and be sure to tell them cheers from Rum Therapy!

Have you been to Rum Island Pub? Tell us about it!

Follow Rum Island Pub on Facebook!

Find Rum Island Pub on our St. Thomas Map

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Best of USVI Survey Results

 Thanks to all who took our survey on the “Best-Of St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix”. We hope the results of our Readers Choice survey will give people planning to visit one of these beautiful islands in the near future some ideas of what to do during that well deserved vacation. The results below are simply a compilation of the answers given by our readers based on what they’ve enjoyed while vacationing in the USVI and we do not endorse, nor discount any of the properties, restaurants, shops or attractions listed or not listed. We encourage you to continue to do your own research prior to your trip.

Some of the answers were eye-opening to us and after reading this, we’ve added a few things to our list to see and do during our next visit! Enjoy!

St. Thomas

Best Beach on St. Thomas:
1. Magens Bay
2. Sapphire Beach
3. Coki Point
4. Bolongo Bay

Best Beach Bar/Island Bar on St. John:
1. Duffy’s Love Shack
2. Iggies
3. Big Kahuna Rum Shack
4. Island Time Pub

Best Rum Drink on St. Thomas:
1. Painkiller
2. Bushwacker
3. Banana Daiquiri
4. VooDoo Juice

Best Restaurant on St. Thomas:
1. Sunset Grille
2. Fish Tails
3. Banana Tree Grille
4. Mafolie

Best Hotel/Resort on St. Thomas:
1. Bolongo Bay Beach Resort
2. Marriot’s Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Beach Resort
3. The Ritz-Carlton
4. Dreams Sugar Bay
Write ins with multiple votes: Mafolie Hotel, Bluebeards Castle

Best Villa/Condo Rental in St. Thomas:
1. Slice of Heaven, Magens Bay
2. Sapphire Beach Condos – write ins
3. Point Pleasant – write ins
4. Brigadoon – Red Hook

Best Shop or Boutique on St. Thomas:
1. Pirates in Paradise
2. Bones Rum
3. Native Arts & Crafts Cooperative
Write ins with multiple votes: Fish Face, Caribbean Surf Co.

Best Souvenir to bring home from St. Thomas:
1. Bones Rum
2. Larimar Jewelry
Write ins with multiple votes: Hook Bracelet, Cruzan Rum

Best attraction to experience in St. Thomas:
1. Coral World Ocean Park & Undersea Observatory
2. Skyride to Paradise Point
3. Mountain Top
4. Tree Limin’ Extreme
Write ins with multiple votes: Great House Botanical Gardens, Drake’s Seat, Magens Bay


St. John

Best Beach on St. John:
1. Trunk Bay
2. Cinnamon Bay
3. Maho Bay
4. Salomon and Honeymoon
Write in with multiple votes: Gibney

Best Beach  Bar/Island Bar on St. John:
1. The Beach Bar
2. Skinny Legs
3. Woody’s
4. Joe’s Rum Hut

Best Rum Drink  on St. John:
1. Painkiller
2. Bushwhacker
3. Rum Punch
Write ins with multiple votes: Mojito and Island Girl from Joe’s Rum Hut, Lime in de Coconut

Best Restaurant on St. John:
1. The Lime Inn
2. Cruz Bay Landing
3. The Banana Deck
4. The Terrace Restaurant
Write in with multiple votes: The Fish Trap

Best Place to Stay on St. John:
1. Private Villa: There were more write ins on this one than votes on the entries posted. Most of the write ins were for private villas with no specific name mentioned with the exception of Villa Mar de Amores and Villa St. John.
2. Westin St. John Resort & Villas
3. Caneel Bay Resort
4. Gallow’s Point Resort

Best Shop or Boutique on St. John:
1. St. John Spice
2. Bougainvillea
3. Coconut Coast Studios
Write ins with multiple votes: Sloop Jones, Caravan, Freebird, Bamboo Studio

Best Souvenir to bring home from St. John:
1. St. John Hook Bracelet
2. Cruz Bay Grill Rub from St. John Spice
3. A Hand Painted Shirt from Sloop Jones
Write ins with multiple votes: T-shirt from The Beach Bar, Larimar Jewelry, rum, a good suntan

Best Attraction to Experience on St. John:
1. Snorkeling the trail at Trunk Bay
2. Snorkeling at Waterlemon Cay
3. Hiking anywhere in the VI National Park
Write ins with  multiple votes: Drunk Bay, Exploring the town of Cruz Bay


St Croix

Best Beach on St. Croix:
1. Sandy Point Beach
2. Rainbow Beach
3. Cane Bay Beach
4. Sandcastle Beach
Write ins with multiple votes: Buck Island Beach

Best Beach Bar/Island Bar on St. Croix:
1. Rhythms at Rainbow Beach
2. Rum Runners
3. eat @ cane bay
4. Off the Wall
Write ins with multiple votes: Beachside Café

Best Rum Drink  on St. Croix
1. Painkiller
2. Cruzan Confusion
3. Green Flash
Write ins with multiple votes: Lime in de Coconut

Best restaurant on St Croix:
1. Polly’s On the Pier
2. Rowdy Joes
3. The Waves at Cane Bay
4. Galangal
Write ins with multiple votes: Duggans Reef, Rum Runners, LeReine Chicken Shack, eat @ cane bay

Best place to stay on St. Croix:
1. TIE: Renaissance St. Croix Carambola Beach Resort & Spa and Sand Castle on the Beach
2. The Buccaneer
3. Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort
Write ins with multiple votes: Cottages by the Sea, Condo Rental

Best shop or boutique on St. Croix:
1. Sonya Ltd
2. Purple Papaya
3. ib designs
4. From the Gecko Boutique
Write ins with multiple votes: Franklins on the Waterfront

Best Souvenir to bring home from St. Croix:
1. St. Croix Hook Bracelet
2. Cruzan Rum
3. Chaney Jewelry

Best attraction to experience on St. Croix:
1. Catamaran Sail to Buck Island
2. Kayaking at night in a bioluminescent bay
3. Point Udall
4. Beer drinking pigs at Montpellier Domino Club
5. Cruzan Rum Factory Tour
Write ins with multiple votes: dive the wall, dive or snorkel the pier, Jump Up Festival, St. George Village Botanical Gardens

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Sunday Serenity: Some Sun and Sand on St. Thomas

We spend a relatively small amount of time actually staying on St. Thomas. It always seems to be the gateway to another island getaway, but when we have the chance to explore and enjoy what St. Thomas has to offer, we usually find ourselves here.  I’d have to say it’s our favorite place to enjoy some sun and sand in St. Thomas.

copyright Rum Therapy
It’s a relatively quiet stretch of beautiful sand on the east side of the island. It can get busy on weekends with lots of locals picnicking and enjoying some family time, but if you time it right, you’ll be treated to this…

copyright Rum Therapy
And this..

copyright Rum Therapy.
Do you know which beach we’re talking about? What’s your favorite place for a little sun and sand on St. Thomas?

Read more Sunday Serenity Posts here:
Tropical Tips and More

See if you can find this beach on our St. Thomas Map

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Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, St. Thomas

Feel like you belong –
at Bolongo Bay Beach Resort…

This year, Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, on the south shore of St. Thomas, is celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary. Owned and run by the Doumeng family, this casual and comfortable resort sits on 1,000 feet of sandy beach and boasts 62 beachfront and oceanview rooms.

The story of how the Doumeng family ended up in St. Thomas is an interesting one. Dick Doumeng was a watch salesman in Long Island in 1968 when he took his family on vacation to Puerto Rico. During a day trip to St. Thomas, they fell in love with the island. The Doumeng’s then did what many of us only dream of doing. Dick quit his job, the family sold everything and they moved to the US Virgin Islands! The Doumeng’s eventually took over the management of Bolongo Bay Resort in 1974 when it was just a small 36 room hotel. Over time they transformed Bolongo into one of the first beachfront resorts on the island.

Fast forward a few decades and the reins have been passed to Dick’s sons Richard and Paul, along with their wives Katarina and Colleen. We had the pleasure of staying at Bolongo Bay recently and met with Richard, Katarina and Colleen. They, along with other family members and their very pleasant staff (including 3 that have been with Bolongo the entire 40 years!), take pride in making their guests feel like family too. It’s easy to see why there’s a high percentage of return guests at Bolongo!

To celebrate their 40th Anniversary, Bolongo is offering special anniversary package rates, 40 free room nights through activities at the resort and more! Be sure to check the Bolongo Bay website for more information.

These are just some of the  highlights of our stay at Bolongo.

A banner at the front desk welcomed, by name, all of the guests arriving that day.

We were escorted to our room which was just steps away from the beach, comfortable and nicely sized.

A in-room welcome back package is provided for return guests!

We enjoyed our morning coffee on the deck with a beautiful view of the bay.

The Bolongo Bay swimming pool offers a beach view, lots of lounge chairs and a swim up bar

There are comfortable areas to relax with friends and enjoy the view.

Bolongo guests have complimentary and unlimited use of non-motorized water sports such as kayaks, paddle boards, Hobie Cats, aqua tricycles, swim mats, snorkel gear and paddle boats.

Not to be missed – the weekly snorkel rum hunt, where bottles of rum are hidden in the bay and guests snorkel to find it. If you find it – you keep it!


We enjoyed fine dining  at the Lobster Grille

Eggs Benedict with grilled pineapple

Jerk Pork Tostadas

and Lobster Arancini. Mmmm…

And spent plenty of time  at Iggies – a fun and lively on-site beach bar featuring tasty food, drinks and live music – 7 nights a week!

Awaiting a taste of Iggies infamous Voodoo Juice poured with skill by our bartender “Mr. Awesome”.

Happy Hour specials include Rum Punch made with Cruzan Rum.

We relaxed in the sun in colorful chairs on the beach, and played a little volleyball and cornhole in the sand.

Unfortunately we weren’t there for Carnival Night – held every Wednesday at Iggies, but hear it’s a favorite evening of entertainment for guests and locals alike. Carnival Night features a buffet of Caribbean specialties, live music, Moko Jumbi Stilt Dancers, a conga line, dance contest and a fiery finale that includes flame eating and glass dancing.

A lovely place for a wedding on the beach. Some guests have also chosen to get married aboard Bolongo Bay’s beautiful 53 foot catamaran – Heavenly Days.

We were treated to a lovely sunset harbor cocktail cruise on Heavenly Days, which also offers a day sail to the island of St. John and a half day trip to Turtle Cove to snorkel with the turtles.

During our sunset sail, the captain masterfully maneuvered the cat along the coastline, into Charlotte Amalie and around Water Island. The crew gave us some history of the area while pampering us with refreshing cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres.

The sunset was spectacular that evening,

and the lights of the resort were reflected in the waters of the bay upon our return.

On our last night at Bolongo, after spending some time enjoying the live music at Iggies, we savored the cool ocean breeze and moonlight from one of the hammocks near the beach.


Bolongo Bay offers something for all ages and travelers. It’s a comfortable, casual and friendly resort that offers great travel deals and a lot of amenities for its guests. Choose a room only rate or the popular all-inclusive plan that includes food and beverages. The convenient location between Charlotte Amalie and Red Hook makes it ideal for island exploration!

To find out more about Bolongo Bay Resort, be sure to visit their website, join them on their Facebook page, or contact them directly:

Bolongo Bay Beach Resort
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands 00802
Reservations: (800) 524-4746
[email protected]

Oh – and if you’re a US resident, you don’t need a passport to get to Bolongo!

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