Jamaican Me Crazy

We posted two recipe variations for the drink Jamaican Smile a while back, but recently were asked for a recipe for a drink called Jamaican Me Crazy. Happy to oblige, we did some research and came up with the following.  This one packs a punch with 2 shots of rum and 1 shot liqueur in each serving  but delivers a smooth tropical vibe with the banana liqueur and coconut rum…yum…
One of these could surely make-a-me-crazy…

Jamaican Me Crazy2 - copyrightJamaican Me Crazy
(makes 1)

1 oz light rum (we used Appleton White)
1 oz coconut rum
1 oz banana liqueur
1 oz cranberry juice
1 oz pineapple juice

Shake with ice, then pour over ice in a short glass.
Garnish with banana slices and pineapple.

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  1. Love Love Love Rum…being Celiac its the drink of choice…pls send me more recipes..Thanks Sue