Zipline and Boblsed Ride at Mystic Mountain, Jamaica

Arriving at the top of Mystic Mountain, Jamaica via the Skyride, we noticed that there was a more to experience than just the zipline and the bobsled ride…

But before checking the other attractions, we headed straight for the zipline!

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After getting geared up, we headed down the path towards the first platform.

The zipline at Mystic Mountain offers:

  • Seven platforms
  • Six Zip lines averaging nearly 100 meters in length
  • One 10-meter vertical rappel descent
  • One 25-meter suspension walking bridge

The first 5 lines were a ton of fun! Our guides were great – very attentive and hilarious. Once we got to the 6th platform, we couldn’t locate the next line. Our guide told us that this was where we would be taking a vertical descent – a nicer way of saying a longggggg drop! Most were a little nervous about the drop, but it ended up being easier than it looked.

Vertical Rappel Descent (aka: big drop)

Next obstacle – the suspension bridge. A long bridge with a little play led to a little more nervous laughter and the final zip.

The last zip was the best with a fantastic view of the ocean.

Next stop – the Jamaican Bobsled.

An exhilarating ride through the rainforest! The only problem? It was over too soon!

Before heading back down on the Skyride, we headed to Mystic Dining to enjoy some refreshment and the amazing view of the port at Ocho Rios.

Also available at the top – pool with a water slide, lookout tower, hummingbird garden and a gift shop.

For more information and attraction prices, check out the Mystic Mountain website.

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