Tree Limin’ Extreme – Ziplining in St. Thomas

We arrived early on a Monday morning at Tree Limin’ Extreme to try out their zipline experience, currently listed as the #1 Outdoor Activity in St. Thomas on Trip Advisor. Thinking the skies would be clearest and the photo ops the best first thing in the morning, we requested an early time slot. Since we had a rental car the week we were in St. Thomas and were staying on the south side of the island, we left pretty early for our 8:20 am requested time of arrival.

This was not our first time ziplining; we’d ziplined once in Kauai and once in Jamaica, and even though we were not new to this type of experience, we were still  just a tad bit apprehensive.

Once we got there, we checked in and were greeted by our guides for the day – Kyle and Leon.

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Both super friendly, they immediately drew us in with their gregarious personalities.

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Leon helping our group with their gear.

Our group of 7 had a lot of questions, and they took the time to make sure everyone felt at ease as we got strapped in for our ride high atop St. Thomas.

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Don’t forget to rub the lucky coconut!

We all rubbed the lucky coconut to ensure our safe return, then made our way up to the Pinzgauer, the rugged vehicle that took us up the steep embankment to the first line.

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Once at the top, Leon and Kyle gave us our instructions, a safety briefing and one last chance to change our mind about the whole thing. No one chickened out, and although the adrenaline was pumping, we all climbed the steps to the first zip.

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Our Zipline Experience Video
(if you don’t have your own Go Pro, you can rent one at the desk to film your own experience!)

There are 6 ziplines and 2 sky bridges (suspension bridges) on the course as well as absolutely stunning views of Magens Bay and the islands surrounding St. Thomas.

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Sky Bridge #1

The ziplines take you through the dense jungle where we spotted quite a few iguanas hanging out in the trees and enjoyed the serenade of coki frogs and tropical birds.

Each line is different, and our guides would give us tips on getting the most out of each one. Both Leon and Kyle (ok, mostly Leon) encouraged us to scream like crazy as we were zipping to scare the zippers behind us, and some of us (we won’t name names here) had no problem complying, whether it was voluntary or not…

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The views were amazing everywhere we looked and we enjoyed reading the island information printed on the signs on each platform.

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View of Magens Bay from one of the platforms

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The sign on one of the platforms above Megans Bay

We got to the last line way too soon. Even though the tour takes between 2 – 2.5 hours, we were having such a great time that the time just “zipped” by.

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Sky Bridge #2

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A rainbow over our last zipline

The last line was interesting. It was preceded by the second and highest sky bridge. The drop looked to be the greatest of the 6 and this one didn’t end on a regular platform at the end. Once we stepped off the platform, we flew quickly down through the jungle and then yo-yoed back and forth a few times before being guided down a platform ladder in the middle of the line.

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The last zipline

We watched from below as the rest of our party came in for a landing, then headed down the path with visions of the fun experience still fresh on our minds.

What did we like best about our Tree Limin’ Adventure? Our guides were great and made us feel extremely safe and comfortable – even while hurling ourselves off a platform into the trees! They followed the safety procedures to a “T”, and took the time to answer any questions our group had. The views were spectacular and may have been worth the price of admission alone. And the best part of it all was just the chance to enjoy the beauty of St. Thomas while experiencing an adrenaline rush through the lush tropics of the island…

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Have you ziplined with Tree Limin’ Extreme? Tell us about it!

To find out more about the zipline experience and how to book  your own adventure, go to the Tree Limin’ Extreme Website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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