Rum Therapy’s Top 10 Rum Recipe Posts of 2015

We recently posted the Rum Therapy Top 10 Island Posts of 2015, and are following up with the top rum recipe posts of the year. As with the top island posts, we never know which recipes will make the top visited posts of the year and there are always a few that surprises.

Here are the 10 most visited Rum Therapy Rum Recipe Posts of 2015, starting at the bottom and working up to #1. Which recipes have you tried?

10. Nilla Killa

Nilla-Killa-copyright Rum Therapy
The Nilla Killa brings back good memories for us. During our first trip to White Bay, JVD and the Soggy Dollar, as we jumped in the water to swim ashore, our captain told us to be sure and sample a Nilla Killa, which of course, we did. Apparently others have enjoyed a Soggy Dollar Nilla Killa, making this recipe one of the top visited recipes of the year.
Get the Nilla Killa Recipe here.

9. Banana Daiquiri

Banana-Daiquiri copyright Rum Therapy
Can’t beat the taste of this delectable Caribbean rum cocktail and we’ve had the pleasure of sampling a few good ones, including the extremely tasty ones served at Saba Rock Resort in the BVI. Find the recipe here:
Banana Daiquiri

8. Miami Vice

Miami-Vice-copyright Rum Therapy

 How can you beat the taste of a Strawberry Daiquiri intertwined with a Piña Colada? Exactly. Probably why the Miami Vice recipe was one of the top visited of the year. Find the recipe here:
Miami Vice

7. Lime in de Coconut

Lime-in-de-coconut-copyright Rum Therapy
This frozen concoction screams tropical umbrella drink, in or out of a coconut! Find the recipe here:
Lime in de Coconut

6. Dirty Banana

Dirty-Banana copyright Rum Therapy
The flavor of fresh banana mingled with dark rum and coffee flavored liqueur will remain etched in your mind, long after your Jamaican vacation! Recipe here:
Dirty Banana

5. Bushwacker

Bushwacker-copyright Rum Therapy

Bushwackers’s. Delicious. We sampled our first Bushwacker atop Paradise Point in St. Thomas many, many years ago and were pretty much hooked. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Chocolate, rum and the amazing overlook of Charlotte Amalie – wow, paradise. Apparently others are hooked too…Find the recipe here:

4. Frozen Rum Runners

Rum-Runners-copyright Rum Therapy
Yes, we love Rum Runners and the best one we’ve ever had was actually in the very non-tropical (but gorgeous!) South Lake Tahoe, California on the beach at The Beacon. We haven’t been able to exactly replicate the taste of the Rum Runners at the Beacon, but this recipe is delicious non-the-less:
Frozen Rum Runner

3. Bahama Mama

Bahama-Mama - copyright Rum Therapy
Oh my goodness, this one packs a punch with 3 different rums and Kahlua, but my oh my – it tastes great. Find this popular tropical cocktail recipe here:
Bahama Mama

2. Painkiller

Painkillers-copyright Rum Therapy
The fact that the Painkiller made the list is no surprise, really. This delicious tropical rum delight can be found in nearly every restaurant and bar in the Virgin Islands – and other regions as well. It’s easy to make and the taste will surely remind you of relaxing in the sun and sand on your favorite island…Recipe here:

And the number one most searched recipe on our site for 2015?

#1 – Caribbean Rum Punch!

Caribbean-Rum-Punch copyright Rum Therapy
Caribbean Rum Punch differentiates itself from an “Authentic Rum Punch” in that a variety of fresh fruit juices can be used, creating tastes that can vary immensely depending on the combination. The recipe calls for orange and pineapple juice, but why not try mango or papaya for a completely different taste? Find the basic recipe here:
Caribbean Rum Punch

Be sure to watch for even more rum recipes in the coming year on our site and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see videos on how to easily create some of our favorite rum drinks.

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