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Most of us probably prefer to enjoy our rum on a gorgeous warm and sandy beach somewhere in the tropics, but when the leaves AND temperatures begin to fall, we can still cook up some rumlicious recipes to warm us up on the inside. Enjoy the tastes of fall…and rum!

Gingerbread Rum Latte
Gingerbread Rum Latte

Pumpkin and Rum Spiced Cupcakes
Pumpkin and Spiced Rum Cupcakes

Rum Glazed Caramel Corn
Rum Glazed Caramel Corn

Pumpkin Spiced Rum Cocktail
Pumpkin Spiced Rum Cocktail

Pumpkin Rum Pie

Pumpkin Rum Pie with Rum Flavored Whipped Cream

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Apple Rum Punch

 Well, whether we like it or not, fall is just around the corner, which means – apple season! Since the days of autumn can still be sunny and warm, this recipe for a cold rum appley punch sounds perfect for sipping during your favorite football game or sitting outside enjoying the last of the nice warm rays. There are not a lot of ingredients so it’d be easy to make a large batch for a party! Enjoy!

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Apple Rum Punch
(makes one)

1.5 oz spiced rum (we used Captain Morgan)
1.5 oz apple juice
1 oz pomegranate juice
.25 oz lime juice
2 oz ginger ale

Pour the rum, apple juice, pomegranate juice and lime juice in an ice filled shaker. Shake well, then pour into an ice filled rocks glass. Garnish with a slice of lime or wedge of apple.


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