Peach Daiquiri

Oh my gosh this one is good. we like a peach or two each year when they are really in season, and after picking up a few really good looking ones from the store yesterday, we wondered about using them in a Daiquiri. There are a few recipes that sounded pretty good on the internet, but we opted for something easy and this recipe variation was just that. Cold and refreshing, it definitely tastes like summertime! Enjoy!

Peach Daiquiri

(makes 2)

4 oz. gold rum
1 large ripe peach (unpeeled and cut in chunks)
1/2 can frozen lemonade mix
1 – 2 cups ice

Put rum, pieces of peach, and lemonade mix in blender and mix until the peach is blended. Add ice a little at a time and blend until thick and frosty. Pour into glasses and garnish with a slice of peach if you’d like!

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  1. Peggi Tebben says:

    What are the red flecks on top of it? Pink or yellow lemonade? No sugar? Sorry, I just want it to be right. Looks beautiful!

    • Peggi – the specks are little bits of peach skin which just adds to the fantastic peachy taste. Cut the peach into chunks before blending, but leave the skin on. We used regular (not pink) frozen lemonade and because of the lemonade, no sugar is needed! Enjoy!