Rum ‘N Eggnog Shooter

It’s called a shooter because of the size of glass it’s served in, but we’d recommend sipping this holiday treat! More like a desert than a drink, it’s looks will impress your guests too! Get the nice layered effect by pouring each layer slowly over the back of a spoon. Use a nice rum for this one for a tasty full bodied mix with the eggnog and Kahlúa.

Rum 'N Eggnog Shooter - copyright Rum Therapy
Rum ‘N Eggnog Shooter
(makes one)

.75 oz. Kahlua
1 oz. eggnog
.5  oz. aged rum (we used Zaya)
Whipped cream

Pour the Kahlúa in the bottom of a shooter glass. Using the back of a spoon, slowly pour the eggnog on top of the Kahlúa. Add the rum on top of the eggnog using the same method as the eggnog. Finish it off with a nice dollop of whipped cream and sprinkle with nutmeg.

Before sipping, gently stir to blend all of the layers together.

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