The Siesta Key Drum Circle

The drum circle crowd begins to gather late in the afternoon every Sunday on Siesta Key. The day we joined them, there were not only drummers, but other percussionists, dancers, hula-hoopers, rope walkers, sun-lovers and spectators all assembled to welcome the sunset.

Siesta Key Drum Circle - copyright Rum Therapy
The beach had been super crowded that day and we were hungry, so decided to give up our parking spot to head back to town for dinner. Surely, we thought, there would be lots of parking in the public beach lot after the Sunday beach-goers left for the day? Well, we were wrong. This is a popular event!

We did finally find a parking spot after stalking some people who had packed up for the day and were walking back to their car.  Siesta Key is a large, beautiful beach and we originally worried that we wouldn’t find the drum circle, which takes place every Sunday night until sunset – but our worries were unfounded.

Siesta Key Drum Circle - copyright Rum Therapy
We just followed the pulsating sound of drums and the steady stream of people – many carrying their own drums and rhythm instruments to the beach.

Siesta Key Drum Circle - copyright Rum Therapy
Initially we just walked around, taking in the steady rhythm and watching people dance, play and socialize to the beat.

Siesta Key Drum Circle - copyright Rum Therapy
Siesta Key Drum Circle - copyright Rum Therapy
But as the sunset got closer, we found ourselves relaxing in the sugar-soft sand – our eyes affixed at the ever growing colors of the sunset.

Strange? Hmmm, maybe a bit. There were a lot of colorful characters enjoying the event, but after a while you begin to feel a part of it and may even find yourself get up, let go and dance like no one’s watching or add to the music with your own rhythm instrument.

Siesta Key Drum Circle - copyright Rum Therapy
Enjoyable? Yes, and well worth the effort to find parking. Relaxing? Absolutely. Watching the sun set to the beat of the Siesta Key Drum Circle was just perfect. This event, which initially began as a local, non-sponsored event, has taken on a life of its own and is well worth witnessing. It was a beautiful end to a beautiful weekend on Siesta Key.

Have you been to the Siesta Key Drum Circle? Tell us about it!

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Discovering Lanai, Hawaii

At 140 sq. miles, Lanai (nicknamed the Pineapple Island) is Hawaii’s smallest inhabited island and an excellent place to vacation if you enjoy Hawaii – minus the crowds. Home to only about 3,200 people, Lanai has about 30 miles of roads (most not paved), only one town (Lanai City) and no stop lights!

What is there to do on this beautiful and quiet island? Here are a few suggestions to help you discover Lanai.

Hulopoe Beach, Lanai
Hulopoe Beach.
Located on the south side, close to the Four Seasons Lanai, Hulopoe Beach is a long crescent of golden sand. The snorkeling here is great and there are tide pools to explore on the far south end of the beach.

Hulopoe Beach, Lanai
If you’re lucky, you may spot a pod of spinner dolphins playing in the bay. There are picnic tables, barbecue grills, showers and restroom facilities here as well.

Hike to Puu Pehe (Sweetheart Rock).
Puu Pehe, or Sweetheart Rock, is located south of Hulopoe Beach and the trail can be accessed from the parking area or beach. Definitely worth the walk for the view; the story of Puu Pehe is equally as legendary. Read about the legend here. The water is so clear around the cliffs that you can spot brightly colored tropical fish from a distance. If you can get there early enough, it is said that the view is even more spectacular at sunrise!

MeneleGolf Course, Lanai
Play golf.
If you enjoy a really good game of golf, you should be sure to bring your clubs to Lanai (or arrange for a rental in the Golf Shop). The Manele Golf Course (part of the Four Seasons Lanai) is a spectacular 18 hole golf course built on lava outcroppings high above Hulopoe Bay.

The views of the ocean from many of the holes will surely challenge your concentration, but losing a few balls may be worth it in this case. We were told that during whale season, you can spot whales breaching and playing in the waters below as you play.

If you find yourself in Lanai City, be sure to check out the Cavendish Golf Course. A pretty 9 hole course tucked between tall Norfolk pines, Cavendish was originally built for plantation workers on the island. Today it’s a free public course that anyone can play. Yes, free.

UTV Tour on Lanai
Take a scenic tour in a Razor UTV.
Arranged through the Four Seasons, tours through the old pineapple plantation and the hills surrounding in a 4 person UTV can be a thrilling way to explore the island. Stop at scenic overlooks of surrounding islands and pineapple fields and hold on as they get the vehicle up to 70 mph on the final stretch!

Four Seasons Lanai
Treat yourself to a few nights of absolute luxury at the Four Seasons Lanai.
Although you can easily take the ferry from Maui to Lanai to explore for the day, you might consider treating yourself to several nights of luxury in this uber luxurious hotel. The recently redone rooms are over-the-top beautiful with a sophisticated style, 75 inch televisions that greet you by name, beautifully appointed bathrooms (don’t get me started on the, um, toilets with lids that automatically rise as you enter…) and room keys that are waterproof and worn on your wrist for convenience. The grounds are tropically luscious and meticulously maintained.

Four Seasons Lanai

In addition to the incredible room amenities, you can choose from 5 top notch restaurants, including NOBU Lanai. Perfection comes with a price, but what an experience!

Although we didn’t get to experience all that Lanai has to offer during our short visit, here are a few things left on our list during our next visit to the Pineapple Island:
Polihua Beach and Shipwreck Beach on the northern coast
Garden of the Gods
Hiking the Munro Trail
Lanai Culture and Heritage Center

Have you discovered Lanai? Tell us about it!

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We received a lovely bottle of Afrohead Briland 07 Premium Aged Dark Rum last week and spent some time sampling it neat and over one cube, enjoying it’s creamy, smooth taste.  Although this rum can easily be enjoyed on it’s own, we decided to try it in one of the recipes found on their website. We chose a recipe called Afrodisiac – mainly because of it’s name, but also because of the interesting blend of ingredients. The taste combines a bit of hot, sweet and spicy and showcases the deliciousness of this distinctive rum. Cheers!

Afrodisiac - copyright Rum Therapy

(Makes one)
recipe by AFROHEAD Rum

1 oz fresh lemon juice
1 oz simple syrup
1.5 oz Papaya juice
1 thin slice jalapeño

Muddle jalapeño in shaker
Add AFROHEAD Rum, lemon juice, simple syrup and papaya juice
Shake and strain into chilled martini glass 
Garnish with jalapeño slice

For more recipes and information on AFROHEAD Rums, see their website, follow them on Facebook, and check out their Instagram feed.


Find more rum recipes here:

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Haleakalā National Park – the View from the Top of Maui

Haleakala State Park, Maui - copyright Rum Therapy
We could see the observatory buildings at the summit flying in – just little bity white balls on the very top of Maui. We knew that the next day we’d be standing up there looking down into the crater of Haleakalā, and we were excited to witness that view once again.

Haleakalā Crater

This would be our second time to the top. We’d taken this trip years ago, when we first visited Maui and rented a convertible to tool around in. We had the top down as we started our ascent and ended up freezing our tushes off by the time we reached the top. It can be a large temperature drop – even on very nice days.

The ride up is gorgeous. On a clear day, you can see the verdant colors of the Maui central valley – all the way to the beautiful dark blue ocean. Many days though, as you approach the summit, you ascend above the clouds into an otherworldly landscape, feeling that you may have just been transported to another planet. The first time we visited, the clouds below us were thick, blocking our views of the valley and ocean, but above the clouds the weather was bright and beautiful and we took some incredible photos of the rough lava rock with a pillow of clouds below.

Our first stop was the Visitor Center, which in addition to providing information on the park, offers a fantastic view of the crater below.

Haleakalā State Park, Maui - copyright Rum Therapy
After visiting the Visitors Center, we grabbed our cameras, jackets, gloves and some water and made our way to a hiking path that winds it’s way down into the center of the crater. There are 35+ miles of hiking trails on Haleakalā, but we hiked only about an hour as we wanted to visit Sammy Haggar’s Rum Distillery on the way back down the mountain (FYI – it’s closed on Sunday…).

The sunrise from the top of Haleakalā is said to be absolutely stunning and has become so popular that you need to make a reservation – which can be done here, up to 60 days before your visit. Also popular is an invigorating bike tour down the mountain; search for tour operators that provide a lift to the top, a tour guide, and all of the equipment (hopefully with good brakes!). Want to really experience the crater? There are a couple of remote cabins that you can rent in the crater that require a bit of a hike in and then back out. Other activities offered within the park? Hang gliding and horseback riding!

While visiting, be sure to look for Hawaii’s state bird, the Nene (Hawaiian goose), and the Haleakalā Silversword, found only on the upper slopes of the mountain and can take up to 50 years to flower.

After our hike, we proceeded up to the summit, just a little farther than the Visitor Center. Here, the view of the crater is not quite as spectacular, but the view of the valley below and the bit island of Hawaii in the distance, is spectacular.

Haleakalā State Park, Maui - copyright Rum Therapy

Haleakalā State Park, Maui - copyright Rum Therapy

Haleakalā State Park, Maui - copyright Rum Therapy
The big island of Hawaii in the distance

Haleakalā State Park, Maui - copyright Rum Therapy
Haleakalā State Park, Maui - copyright Rum Therapy

Haleakalā Observatories – looks a bit different than it did flying in!

Whether you hike, bike, horseback ride, hanglide or just sightsee, a trek to the top is well worth it.

Have you visited Haleakalā National Park to see the view from the top of Maui?

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Rum Distillery Tours on the Island of St. Croix

St. Croix, the largest of the US Virgin Islands, not only has beautiful beaches, top-notch culinary experiences and a wide variety of great accommodations, it offers two distinctly different, yet interesting, rum distilleries tours for rum lovers – or those that would just like to learn more about rum.

Cruzan Rum and Captain Morgan are the two distilleries found on this, the largest US Virgin Island. Cruzan Rums have been crafted on St. Croix by the Nelthropp family for generations while Captain Morgan opened it’s St. Croix Distillery in 2011 and a visitor center on the site the following year. What does that mean for rum lovers like you and me? You’ve got two completely different tours to experience on St. Croix and you can easily do both in one afternoon!

Cruzan Rum Distillery - copyright Rum Therapy
We began our rum tour by getting a lift in Christiansted from Joseph, of Joseph’s VIP Taxi Tours (contact him at 340-277-6133). We knew we would be enjoying the rum drinks at the end of each tour and hiring a taxi is the way to go. Joseph was a great tour guide and was recently voted taxi driver of the year on St. Croix. He was warm and welcoming, and gave us some great info on St. Croix along the way.

Captain Morgan Rum Tour - copyright Rum Therapy
First stop? The Captain Morgan Experience Center. Here we started the tour with a short and entertaining movie about Captain Morgan, then followed a tour guide through the Information Center, learning about the history and current Captain Morgan products.

Captain Morgan Rum Tour - copyright Rum Therapy

Outside, we boarded a small tram to take a short tour through the distillery, learning about the distilling process along the way.

Captain Morgan Rum Tour - copyright Rum Therapy
Once back at the facility, we were treated to two rum drinks of our choice and tastes of any the different types of rums, if desired.

Captain Morgan Rum Tour - copyright Rum Therapy
At the end of the tour, you can peruse through the Captain Morgan shop and take home a souvenir of your visit.

Joseph was waiting for us outside and we boarded the van for our next rum experience. Just a short hop away, we entered the Cruzan Rum facility.

Cruzan Rum Distillery - copyright Rum Therapy
We were immediately taken by the Cruzan rum culture and our first view of a sugar mill surrounded by the flags of the seven nations that have ruled St. Croix – the most of any of the US Virgin Islands.

Cruzan Rum Distillery - copyright Rum Therapy
Walking up to the Visitors Center, we enjoyed the sights of a generations old facility.

Cruzan Rum Distillery - copyright Rum Therapy
Our tour guide took us through the actual distillery and we loved being so close to the process, smelling the molasses and watching it ferment.

Cruzan Rum Distillery - copyright Rum Therapy
In one of the storage rooms, filled with barrels and barrels of the delicious aging elixir, she explained the aging process and the color variations of different rums.

Cruzan Rum Distillery - copyright Rum Therapy
At the end of the tour, we were deposited in the Cruzan tasting room – not a bad place to be, where we enjoyed our choice of several different Cruzan Rum cocktails and again could sample the individual rums, if we wished (we did…).

Cruzan Rum Distillery - copyright Rum Therapy
After a few minutes of shopping, we headed back to find Joseph, who was waiting patiently for his, then, very happy crew, and we made our way back to our home for the night, Hotel Caravelle in Christiansted.

Have you taken the rum tours on St. Croix? Tell us about it!

Find out more about the rum tours here:

Captain Morgan 

Cruzan Rum

A special thanks to USVI Tourism Board for arranging our rum distillery tours!

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Dinner at The Longboard, Cruz Bay, St John

The Longboard, a Caribbean-inspired coastal cantina located in Cruz Bay opened its doors in May of 2015, but we had yet to experience it – that is, until our trip to St. John last month.

The Longboard, St. John - copyright Rum TherapyPassion Pitted
The Longboard is easy to find – from the ferry dock, walk straight past Strand Street in Cruz Bay to the next intersection (King Street), turn left and The Longboard is on the right.

The Longboard, St. John - copyright Rum Therapy
Focusing on fresh, local and flown-in ingredients, The Longboard continues to innovate their food concept and bring a new approach to dining on St. John with a healthy menu inspired by coastal flavors around the world. We loved the extensive fish and seafood offerings on their new menu including local fresh catches such as rainbow runner, wahoo, conch and octopus as well as Pacific fish such as Hawaiian Opah (Moon Fish) and Hawaiian Ahi.  Non-seafood entrees include Island Wings (spicy mango glazed wings) and Grilled Portabella, Chimichuri Marinated and Grilled Skirt Steak or Spicy Jerk Braised Pork Tacos & Bowls. Delicious new bar offerings and house-shaped cocktails include a Passion Fruit Frosé.

 After being seated on the patio, we ordered a couple of rum drinks – a Rum Julep,

The Longboard, St. John - copyright Rum TherapyRum Julep
and a new offering called Stoked, a tropical concoction of aged rhum, Plantation Overproof Rum, housemade orgeat, blackstrap bitters, housemade pineapple shrub and lime juice – impressively lit afire at our table!

The Longboard, St John - copyright Rum TherapyStoked
Our appetizer consisted of a trio of ceviche’s served with yucca chips and tostones. We then sat back in our chairs enjoying the food, drink, view and the warm St. John air from The Longboards open aired patio.

Dinner at The Longboard, Cruz Bay, St JohnMixto (trio of ceviche’s)
After polishing off our appetizer, we moved on to our entrées, ordering the Longboard Sliders made with a coconut crusted fresh catch-of-the-day,

The Longboard Sliders

and an Ahi Tuna Bowl.

Each dish had its own special Caribbean flair and incorporated local spices, locally-caught seafood and locally-sourced herbs, greens and fruits. Mmmm – delicious!

Our only regret? After our satisfying dinner, we had no room to sample one of their famous Frozen Painkillers. Can you imagine how that would taste after spending a day on one of St. John’ beautiful beaches?

Find out more about The Longboard by visiting their website, and following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Have you enjoyed dinner (or at least a Frozen Painkiller) at The Longboard yet? If so, tell us about it!

A special thanks to The Longboard and Rebecca for arranging our delicious dinner!

Find The  Longboard on our St. John Map

To see more island posts, check out our Island Blog Directory

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Frank Robinson and BES Craft Cocktail Lounge, St. Croix

His business card reads “Frank Robinson, a bartender who cooks” and should, in our opinion, include, “award winning mixologist and one of the nicest guys around”. Frank recently opened his own cocktail lounge called BES Craft Cocktail Lounge in the heart of Christiansted, St. Croix.

BES Craft Cocktail Lounge - copyright Rum Therapy
We wanted to visit BES during our recent adventure on St. Croix and wandered into Frank’s establishment at about 9pm on a Thursday to an intimate and well designed space with lighting and music that created a welcoming vibe and a perfect place to meet, mingle and chill. We introduced ourselves to Frank, who behind the large bar, was busy creating some beautiful craft cocktails – cocktails where many of the elements are handmade, include interesting and creative flavor combinations, and are tailored specifically to the drink. If you’ve never experienced a true craft cocktail, well, the results of the hard work can be quite…satisfying.

BES Craft Cocktail Lounge - copyright Rum Therapy
While assembling our cocktail choices using fresh and local ingredients and liquors infused with fruits, vegetables, roots and herbs (you can see the array of infusions in bottles and jars behind the bar), Frank alternated between moments of intense concentration and bouts of joviality – his infectious, booming laugh filling the bar.

BES Craft Cocktail Lounge - copyright Rum Therapy
We ordered a drink called “The Darker The Berry”,

featuring Plantation Rum and a caramelized spiced orange,

and a “Crucian Queen” that included Cruzan Single Barrel and a Tamarind-Habanero Syrup.

Both unlike anything we’d tried before and both quite delicious.

Did we enjoy our visit with Frank at BES? So much so that we returned the following night, where we enjoyed a private rum tasting with Frank, who so very kindly brought in some of his private and vintage Cruzan Rum stock to share and compare with us.

During our rum tasting, we picked up a mouthwatering aroma coming from the kitchen and ended up ordering some Beef Meatballs Smothered in Curry Sauce, created by none other than Frank (remember – the bartender who cooks?) which tasted even better than they smelled, if that’s even possible. Excellent night, excellent experience at BES.

Have you enjoyed some time at BES Craft Cocktail Lounge? We’d recommend putting it on the list of places to visit while in Christiansted!

To find out more about BES, follow them on Facebook and Instagram or give them a call at 340.773.2985.

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Virgin Island Food Tours – a Taste of St. Croix & So Much More

When visiting new locations, do you look to find out more about the local cuisine and restaurants? Do you consider yourself a foodie? Are you equally as interested in local culture? If you answered yes to any of those questions and you’re visiting St. Croix, you will love the Virgin Islands Food Tour in downtown Christiansted.

VI Food Tours - copyright Rum Therapy
We joined our guide, Anquanette for the Virgin Islands Food Tours – Taste of Twin City tour last week while on St. Croix. This 3 – 3.5 hour food tasting & cultural walking tour meets in Christiansted and winds its way around Christiansted’s historical sites and restaurants.

We enjoyed a good sized taste of local cuisine from 6 very different restaurants that featured food samples with Crucian, Trinidadian, Latin and West Indian influences,

VI Food Tours - copyright Rum Therapy
as well as treats from a local bakery, a homemade ice cream shop and a rum drink.

VI Food Tours - copyright Rum Therapy
In addition to the delicious food and drink samples, the tour introduced us to Christiansted and St. Croix history – made even more interesting by Anquanette, a personable and knowledgeable Crucian native and by actually stopping to visit some of the sites.

VI Food Tours - copyright Rum Therapy
Want to know what Bush Tea is? What does West Indian Food taste like? What are Lentil Balls?

VI Food Tours - copyright Rum TherapyDelicious Lentil Balls

How many flags has St. Croix flown under? What is Armstrong Ice Cream? For answers
to these questions and so much more – consider booking yourself on a Virgin Islands Food Tour in Christiansted during your next visit to St. Croix!

VI Food Tours - copyright Rum Therapy
To find out  more about Virgin Islands Food Tours, visit them on their website, Facebook page and Instagram!

A special thanks to Anquanette and Virgin Islands Food Tours for arranging for us to take this very special tour!

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Caravelle Hotel & Casino – Comfort and Convenience in the Heart of Christiansted

During our recent VI adventure, we were given the opportunity to visit Caravelle Hotel & Casino, a newly refurbished waterfront boutique hotel in the heart of Christiansted, St. Croix, and we jumped at the chance.
In previous visits we found ourselves wishing for more time to explore this pretty, historic town on the north side of St. Croix and we were excited to have the chance to do so.

Christiansted, St. Croix - copyright Rum Therapy
Our trip to St Croix from St Thomas was via a Seaborne Airlines sea plane. The short and convenient flight left from Charlotte Amalie and landed in Christiansted Harbor within walking distance of Caravelle Hotel, just down the scenic boardwalk. You can read more about the sea plane flight here.

Caravelle Hotel & Casino - copyright Rum Therapy
Caravelle Hotel recently underwent extensive remodeling, re-opening in 2016 and now has a breezy, modern tropical feel on the inside, while the exterior vibrantly retains the Danish architectural charm found in much of Christiansted.

Caravelle Hotel & Casino - copyright Rum Therapy Caravelle Hotel & Casino - copyright Rum TherapyLobby
In addition to the new décor in all 42 rooms and the lobby, Hotel Caravelle now incudes a new on-site casino with 76 slot machines.

Caravelle Hotel & Casino - copyright Rum Therapy
What we loved the most about our stay at Caravelle Hotel & Casino was its close proximity to the many fine amenities found in Christiansted. All within walking distance, (or request a ride on one of their golf carts), you will find fine dining options such as balter, St. Croix, Zion Modern Kitchen and 40 Strand Eatery. BES Craft Cocktail Lounge is just a few blocks from Caravelle Hotel and is an excellent place to relax and enjoy craft cocktails masterfully created by award winning mixologist Frank Robinson. In addition to the many dining and drinking options, we enjoyed shopping at the nearby jewelry stores which offer beautifully handcrafted and original pieces, boutique clothing shops – and exploring the rich history of Christiansted at Fort Christianvaern .  We also enjoyed learning about (and tasting!) some of the authentic flavors of St. Croix on the Virgin Islands Food Tour – an excellent guided food tasting and cultural walking tour in Christiansted. Or, if you don’t want to leave the comfort of Caravelle Hotel, you can dine and/or enjoy a cocktail at Rum Runners (downstairs and on the water), or stop in Big Beards Adventure Tours (attached to Caravelle) to set up an excursion to beautiful Buck Island.

In addition to all the wonderful things to explore in Christiansted, we took the two St. Croix rum distillery tours: Captain Morgan and Cruzan Rum.  We easily toured both in one afternoon via a taxi so that we could enjoy the rum drinks offered at the end of each distillery tour.

After all of the exploring, we had a hard decision to make; pull up a lounge chair at the pool overlooking Christiansted Harbor, or take a short water taxi from the boardwalk to the pretty beach on Protestant Cay. We ended up doing (and enjoying) both!

Caravelle Hotel & Casino - copyright Rum Therapy
Caravelle Hotel & Casino - copyright Rum Therapy
And – at the end of each day, this was a really great place to land…

Caravelle Hotel & Casino - copyright Rum Therapy
Caravelle Hotel & Casino - copyright Rum TherapyView of Christiansted Harbor from our room

Caravelle Hotel & Casino – comfort and convenience in the heart of Christiansted.

Are you ready to enjoy some time exploring Christiansted, St. Croix? Get more information on Caravelle Hotel & Casino on their website and follow them on Facebook and on Instagram.

A special thank you to Caravelle Hotel & Casino for arranging our wonderful stay.  Stay tuned in the next couple of days as we post more about some of the fun things we experienced in Christiansted!

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Taking the Sea Plane from St. Thomas to St. Croix

“Port to port with no airport” is the phrase used by Seaborne Airlines representative Angelia when spoke to her about the short flight on a sea plane from Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas to Christiansted Harbor in St. Croix.

Sea Plane - copyright Rum Therapy
And sure enough, we conveniently boarded the sea plane from a dock in Charlotte Amalie, received our flight safety information from the pilot while in the cockpit, then skimmed over the water of the harbor, passing boats and buoys, taking off on our way to St. Croix.

20 minutes later, after a smooth and scenic flight, we descended into Christiansted Harbor, gently touching down on the water and then pulling up to the dock to de-plane.

No airports – no fuss and there we were, just feet from the boardwalk in Christiansted! How convenient is that? 

From there, we were able to walk right down the boardwalk to our hotel in Christiansted without having to rent a car or get a taxi – although both are available right at the Seaborne Terminal as well, if needed!

Boardwalk St Croix - copyright Rum Therapy
Check out the Seaborne Airlines website for more information on the Sea Plane flight from St. Thomas to St Croix and other flights available.

Sea Plane, St Croix - copyright Rum Therapy
A special thanks to Seaborne Airlines for providing our flight from St. Thomas to St. Croix! 

To see more posts on St. Croix and other islands, check out our Island Blog Directory

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